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Oh, okay. Welcome. Again, this is a Fayetteville wood flooring. This is episode eight today. Just want to kind of tell you about what’s going on today. So this morning I made a couple of podcasts talking about different things, but this would just want to share a little bit of customer experience with you. And that’s what we’re all about here at Fayetteville. Wood flooring is your customer or the customer experience. We did a floor several years ago for a friend of a friend. Uh, I, I’d never met the person, but he was remodeling a house, a big house and had a couple thousand square feet of hardwood flooring to do. So we, uh, we talked about different options, different designs. We ended up doing a, a herringbone pattern in his office and then using a five mm hickory plank floor, uh, throughout the rest of us house upstairs and hallways that received a call from him this morning saying that he had some squeaks and his hardwood floor.

And here it is, uh, you know, coming in, start a winter season, the heat’s a turned on. So the floor is reacting to the dryness. And the heat is being introduced into the house and Hickory especially is a floor that has some volatility to it, so it’s gonna move a little bit more than say your hope floors. But what I’m doing today as he called me, uh, about 8:30 this morning and said, hey, I got a couple squeaks in my floor. I have some free time this morning, so I’m just going to head out to his house and see what’s going on. But that here at Fayetteville wood flooring, we want our customers the first to know that they can call us any time. Uh, the floor itself. We put a one year warranty on the, on our craftsmanship. Of course he’s well out of that, uh, that warranty period.

But still, if we have the time here at Fayetteville wood flooring, we’re going to make sure that our customers are taken care of, whether it’s been one month, one year or 10 years, it doesn’t matter. We’re going to look at the floor and see what’s going on. But here in Fayetteville, wood floor, and we’re big on educating the customer. So this customer, even though he’s a, he’s become a friend of a friend of the friend, he’s a, he understands that his foot floor is movie due to the, uh, the season changes. He’s got a squeak in it somewhere. I haven’t seen it yet, but he just wants to see if there’s anything that can be done about this weeks and sometimes it’s just a matter of adding a nail or a substance. Several years usually takes care of any problem. And a lot of times here in Fayetteville, wood flooring, uh, you could just give us a call, explained the situation to us and we can probably answer your question right over the phone.

But like I said, I had some time this morning. It’s right now about 9:00, so about 20, 30 minutes at St Paul and I’m just going to head out there real quick, see what’s going on. But just a good thing to keep in mind, a head Fayetteville, wood flooring. We want you to understand how your floor works. This is a going into the winter season, which just means that you’ve got a lot of dry air pumped into your house from your heat source, whether that’s, you know, electric heat, gas, heat, burning, the wood wood fireplace, a dry heat is coming in and that in turn drives out your woodwork and that’s going to affect your, your cabinets, your captain doors, tram, sometimes your windows, your floyd for sure, getting it to dry and your house cause you’re would just shrink. And so, uh, if you can introduce a humidifier into that pain to the area, that will help alleviate a lot of the strength and subtypes, squeaky that might be going on.

And not to say that all all squeaks or, or acceptable, sometimes they’re not. But you should expect your Florida move, you know, for the first three to five years, a pretty regularly if it needs to find their breast comfortable resting place. But they will always continue to expand and contract due to a moisture content or the lack of moisture content in the air. So at Fayetteville wood flooring, just trying to help our customers the best that we can have, the best thing that we can do in our opinions to educate them that way if there ever is something that comes up that they might be able to just have the answer instead of going to search for it on the internet or given us a call which were always welcomed to accept and to, to come out and look at the Fayetteville wood flooring, a company that stands behind the customer wants to make sure that the customer is educated and satisfied with the project after it is done.

So I’m just, you know, customer service, sometimes it can be a pain to go see your customer and know if it’s just a little thing. But again, education is huge. Uh, it takes up or makes up for a lot of the, you know, the small questions that customers might have. So I’m getting ready to drive up to their house and see what’s going on. If it’s something big, you know, that might take a different type of action, then I’ll definitely do a do a podcast about that. But if a bill wood flooring, again favor wood flooring, we’re a customer driven, family driven. We want the customer to be, to be happy, most of all, to be educated. So that, uh, the Florida project that they just, they decided to do their house, it’s something that they enjoy for the rest of their life. So again, look us up. Check us out. Fayetteville flooring, flooring company, that’s a, that’s here for you. Your customer checks out Fayetteville, wood flooring. Thanks again for this.