Fayetteville wood flooring | Being Kind To Others

This is David with what guys and bath flooring. This is going to be episode 12 and today we’re going to talk about how to drive properly to an estimate and not pissing people off. Make sure that you represent the company well. So again, this is what guys in Fayetteville wouldn’t glory and now what we do everyday as well, a walmart truck up, a little bit of mixture of oil. The transmission fluid is good and then we’ll get our trucks. Type in. Our address is in our GPS will head off to the job and sometimes it can be a difficult task here at Fayetteville wood flooring because no telling what the traffic is going to be like a driver’s gonna be like and whether or not some of the guys who had their morning coffee or not. So what dies in Fayetteville, wood flooring. What we want to do is is being courteous, kind, and considerate to all drivers.

Now there has been a few incidences in the past where we’re driving big trucks or big bands and sometimes we just don’t see individuals that we might cut them off, but it’s purely unintentional. We’d ever want to do that. We’re always trying to be kind, considerate, passionate for all drivers. Sometimes it just happens in liquid. Appreciate it here at the flooring. If you did flip this off, you know, give us the bird or say something unkind because I’m just kind of makes us in a bad mood the rest of the day to apologize if we did something on accident and we’re willing to accept the consequences, but Fayetteville wood flooring it’s all about being kind and showing compassion towards others. Here at Fayetteville, what employee we’re always going to try to show compassion and everything that we do and especially in our drive and with that, you get onto the drivers before sometimes they just get in a hurry, traveling down the road in a. They cut people off and it goes by.

People are not respectful of the laws of the land so to speak. If they’re breaking the speed limit, which is not a good thing, doesn’t represent our company very well. So we’re consistently trying to tell or drivers and workers to have planned in advance of traffics and you don’t have to speed to get there. So in Florida, again, just trying to help the customer, trying to be considerate, passionate for them and we’ve uh, we’ve had uh, like I was saying we had an incident, the Fayetteville wood flooring last blend are important. The roads were pretty slick and, and had a driver that was, it was coming on to the, on to the freeway and there was a lot of traffic and he had his blinker on and nobody was letting him over so he actually kind of stopped and people got mad at him because he stopped on the ice roads and he, uh, he got a few fingers flying at him.

But you know, what can you do? We’ve got our wood guys name all over our trucks and vans all we can kind of, do you consider it? We’re trying not to make people mad here. Then get on the flooring. So driving is definitely the way that people see us from the love us and we have on our vehicles. They’re a great means of advertising for us. So they built wooden flooring and what guys we need to be careful with our driving after everything is said and done, a proper maintenance of our vehicles is also important to us. In my truck specifically. Fayetteville wood flooring I use the bag products. I want to have a lifetime warranty on my engine and transmission lines and things like that. So we put a little bit of extra money into into our trucks to maintain and keep them looking nice on some of our vehicles.

We’ve got a carwash passes to where we lost our vehicles there, whether we want to have a lucky gun just to represent the company. So if you see us out and about that or driving inappropriately placed, called the office, asked for a one of the owners and we’ll talk to the drivers to see the situation. Sometimes it could be their fault. Other times it can gain of the fault of someone else. And that was really action on our part where we had the to cut you off or something that is purely unintentional and who don’t want to do that at that bill wood flooring. But just be aware that our vehicles are big, sometimes pnc in the barracks, blind spots, Fayetteville wood flooring people coming in and out all the time, know keep a safe distance from all vehicles, especially something that’s carrying a big load like we do here at Vanderbilt. Wood flooring and wood guys. Always trying to help people educate people.


that’s just a little bit about us and are driving. I hope this podcast, that’s good right now. For example, I’m not 65 and I don’t have to worry about the state trooper. The pulled up ahead of me in advanced have already known that I’m not going to speak to the drug because I’ve got my name all over it. Fayetteville wood flooring Don’t want to create a bad reputation of a flying by people and it needed to consider it if their space on the road. So I pay it. They’ll what to Florida instead of flipping us the bird. Just give us a wave smile if you want to. We’ll try to do that back. Please be aware that our vehicles are bigger than most of your bill wood flooring and what guys.


give us some space to help us out that will help you out the best of 10. Again, Fayetteville wood flooring this is what we’re calling episode 12 of Vanderbilt Wood flooring and put guys, hope you enjoy.