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Okay, we’re going to call this episode 13. They built wood flooring, title it us since I learned as a boy. So again, thank you for listening to our podcast. It can be more familiar with would guys and then bill wood flooring that just want to give you a little history, maybe a little reminisce a little bit about the past and kind of how I was raised. I, uh, actually had a funny one, a funny story as, as my mom was ready to give birth to a few weeks before I was actually born. Fayetteville wood flooring She thought I was coming and she called my dad up. He hurried home and they were racing to the hospital and just so happened that there was policemen there and they got pulled over and that jumped out of the car and called the placement about in place and said, follow me. So they got car rushed to the hospital, went in and vrs later came back and nothing would happen.

So at Fayetteville, what we like history, we like stories. So to finish off that story, a few weeks later, in the middle of March, here come the. The labor pains again, involved calls up Dad, dad, Russia, sell rush hospital, st policeman, Bolston Mower Fayetteville wood flooring Again, it gets asked as, okay, this time it’s for real babies. Student placement says, follow me, take them off. Dick, take the hospital at 1130 in the morning I was born. So I expect the unexpected with us. We deliver or more than the other people do here. They build wood flooring. But as a kid also growing up, I had the great thing that I learned from my parents is is hard work and that a few other things, but let me just talk a little bit about the hard work that I learned as a kid. As I was growing up from about a one year old, about six years old.

We lived next to our grandparents and my granddad was a farmer or a rancher. He owned a lot of land and had a lot of cattle and he was constantly out and work in his cattle and that he would pay me a quarter or sometimes even a nickel just to clean out the cattle truck and it probably took me three, four, five hours to do that, but when he handed me that shiny nickel or quarter dime, whatever, it was, Fayetteville wood flooring there wasn’t a happier more on the planet and I thought that was the greatest thing ever. But he taught me how to work, how to clean something up, how to do, do a good job and whatever I was doing. So I appreciate the fact that even at a young age, my dad and my granddad allowed me the opportunity to, to work and to work hard and to teach me how to do a good job at whatever I was doing.

When I was about six, seven years old, my parents moved, uh, to a, uh, a small town in southwest Missouri. A place called Stockton, Missouri. And uh, if you’re familiar with stockton, you might be familiar with Fayetteville, wood flooring and one guys. Fayetteville wood flooring at that time, my dad purchased a resort area. Basically it was a boat dock or a marina and a camp ground. And it has the entrepreneur that he was, he, he cleaned that place up. He started making it look good. He made us boys and girls all work. There was the time, there was five kids, there was a three boys and two girls. Uh, the six thorough, or I’m sorry, the sixth child or third girl came along in 1976. But, uh, he had his painting, he had a scrape on, he had his cleaning boats, picking up trash, mowing lawns. So now seven, eight years old, I was out mowing lawns with a lawn mower all day.

Uh, there was some times that I would just take off and, and, uh, he catch me swim and send me back to work. But in Fayetteville, wood flooring, we are determined to work hard and to do a good job. And that’s one thing that my parents did instill in me is, is working hard even when you don’t want to getting the job done and making sure that it looks good. Uh, so a hard work ethic has been in my blood for a long time. When I was about 12 years old, we moved from that small town in southwest Missouri and moved to a small town in southwest Missouri. That little place called Lockwood in there. My Dad set up a, an accounting practice and a brand new to the area, had no clients, but he would, he would actually sit in his office, Fayetteville wood flooring sometimes sleep under his desk, and he heard the doorbell ring and he jumped up and get other client come in and he successfully built that business up and then later sold it in life.

But as a kid, I remember going in there talking about all kinds of things. I’ve talked a little bit about wood floors here at that Fayetteville wood flooring. We’re very knowledgeable in wood flooring industry, all the products that are available to people. Fayetteville wood flooring, and the wood guys, we, we take pride in educating people on, on different products, letting that small town in Missouri there wasn’t a lot of work so to speak, to do so. Uh, Dad, as he was meeting clients, he would find out their occupation and if they needed help, of course he would sign me up and tell me to go out and help them. We hauled a lot of Hay on a square bales, so when I was 12, 13, 14 years old, I was out hauling Hay with people twice my age, twice my size, but you know, they allowed me to work and they’d pay me two, three, four cents of bell just to haul it.

So I’d work all day at the day I make my, make 20, $30 again. I was happy to get and you know, at the end of the day if you felt terrible, but at tufts tufts is a wood guys and a favor wood flooring at the end of the day we are exhausted but people look at a job well done. So it’s been, it’s been a great blessing for me to learn the value of hard work, um, throughout my life and then be able to see the results of it. Fayetteville wood flooring I’ve always been an entrepreneur, both department. My brother and I, we’ve owned several businesses together and been successful with them and sold them at Fayetteville, wood flooring. We plan on being around forever and we’re not selling this thing. It will be in the family for, for a long time. Uh, also one of the great values that my father taught me and my mother is that off to see my dad an alien prayer and I can only imagine what he was praying about.

Six kids, uh, patients and uh, and a lot of other attributes, he probably wanted to have a, but he had to pray to get them. So what that taught me was my dad worked his butt off. He worked as hard as he could, taught us the value of work, but then he relied on his, Fayetteville wood flooring, his heavenly father as God to provide, which was a good, another great blessing. It’s been a great blessing for me. Also in then my hard work ethic. I know that I can work hard, but still not be successful if I don’t have God in my life. So at Fayetteville, wood flooring, we really honestly believe that family comes first. Over everything, if there’s ever a time where we’ve got a job to do or there’s a family member that suffering and that family member will take precedence and others will pitch in to make sure that that job gets done and that that individual has time to spend with their family.

So that’s been a great lesson for me here at Fayetteville. Wood flooring is the value of hard work, the value of, of prayer and the value of family in your life. So if you’re ever looking for a hardwood floor and you want somebody that has good work ethic, great values we try to instill in all of our workers. Of course we don’t pressure anybody, but who doesn’t love family? A lot of people don’t like hard work, but we don’t mind it. Fayetteville wood flooring, it’s a great blessing, a great reward to work hard. So at Fayetteville, wood flooring and wood guys, come check us out, see how we operate. You’ll see a difference with Fayetteville, wood flooring versus other guys. Uh, this is, uh, that’ll do it for this episode. We’ll talk to you later.