Fayetteville wood flooring | A Change of Equipment

Okay, thanks for tuning in. Again, this is episode two of Fayetteville Wood flooring. Uh, today we’d like to talk a little bit about the different sanding equipment that we use here at Fayetteville wood flooring. Uh, kind of give you some tips to what to look for when someone’s coming into your house to sand your wood floor or a, you know, take care of it in some form or fashion, a failure wood flooring. The equipment that we use is some of the top of the line equipment. Most of it contains what we call it, dust containment system of some sort of, which means to you that, uh, the, uh, the sanding process will be less of a headache when we leave. So the dust is going to be significantly less by using the good good sanding equipment. The first type of machine that I’d like to talk to you about here at Fayetteville wood flooring is the drum or the belt sanders.

These type of this type of equipment, they’re large, heavy walk behind sandy machines. Uh, they’re designed to really take off a, you know, a lot of wood, a drum. Sanders and sanders are similar, you know, the difference between the two is the way that the sandpaper is put on the actual machine, on a drum sander, the, uh, the sandpaper is attached directly to the drum a, whereas with a belt sander, it kind of rolls around the drum and a pulley, kind of a, a pulley system, um, with a belt sander, which is typically what a, what most people use in the profession today. Dave here at Tulsa wood floors, wood or tourist toast,

Fayetteville, wood flooring. Uh, most of our equipment is going to be a belt, a belt sander, and most of them range anywhere from eight, 10 or 12 inches. Most of the equipment for residential is going to be more of your hate to 10 inch machine and that just gives you a smaller cut, a little bit more of an even cut, uh, when you’re, when you’re standing your floor, these are something that you just can’t rent at the local hardware store here at the Fayetteville wood flooring, we don’t rent them either. They’re a expensive machines and they can do a lot of damage if they’re not used by professionals. So the, uh, the big machine or the belt or drum sander is a valuable piece of equipment we know here at, uh, uh, Fayetteville wood flooring that,


only the best type of equipment should be used in and then taking care of this equipment and you need to make sure definitely that the, uh, the wheels are clean so you get a good sand.


another important of the project is being able to run the equipment with the right electricity. Uh, it’s, it’s sometimes hard to work off a temp temporary power. Uh, so having the right voltage amperage is definitely something that needs to be looked at. So when we’re working with our standard equipment, typically will will plug into your dryer or range of outlet, uh, just directly into that, which that’s going to of course give us plenty of power to run our big machine if I’m, you know, you’re running off temporary power or sometimes even a generator, which is a not very hurt of today, but that can create either a low or a high and sometimes both when this machine is running, which can cause waves in your floor because the drum actually goes faster and then slows down during sandy process. So having the right equipment with the right electricity, uh, is, is important.

So the big machine or the drum sander a takes care of what we call the majority of the Florida or the field of the floor. And here at Fayetteville, wood flooring, uh, we want to make sure that that is done correctly. The next piece of equipment that is used in the process is what we call an edger and edger. They’re a small circular sandy machines. They’re designed to reach areas where, uh, you know, the big machine can’t reach more around the perimeter of the room in closets, a stairs, other small areas, um, you know, the, the edger is offset a little bit so it can go underneath the toe kicks and things like that. Uh, it’s important again, to store the edger correctly, make sure that you’re not storing it on his pad or on its wheels because they too can get dirty and cause a ups and downs are dips in your floor.

So it’s important to, uh, to use a good edger when standing in Fayetteville, wood flooring. We also know the importance of, of edging properly and, uh, you know, using a paper, the right paper on your equipment. And that’s one thing that I haven’t talked about but would like to touch on just a little bit, uh, here at Fayetteville. Wood flooring is the type of paper. So, and sanding a floor sanding sequences that the, uh, the professional needs to follow. Otherwise, you may get wood flooring that has a lot of grain that’s open. Uh, you know, it looks like when the floor is finished that the grains are not full of, of finished, they’re just kinda look open and unfilled. So using the correct sandpaper on both the drum sander and the edger is important and it say the wood flooring got the process down where, uh, you know, the right sequences used to where we’re not getting a floors that look like they were wavy or, or, or anything like that.

So to follow up or to kind of end the process will come in with a, a, a buffer or a rotary sandy machine. Again, at Fayetteville wood flooring, we know the importance of using good equipment. So those two need to be stored correctly. Um, buffers what we use here at a favor. Wood flooring are usually about 16 to 18 inches wide. And what they do, what they’re designed to do is blend the field, are the big areas of the room with the edges. Uh, so when standing with the buffer, we’re usually going to end anywhere from 100 grit sandpaper to 120, sometimes even 150 and a certain cases with different types of wood. But, uh, that buffer will blend the edges in the field and, uh, get everything to where the grain patterns all look the same. So there’s no blotchy spots or halo effect around the edges. So the wood flooring, we’re here to educate. We’re here to help people, uh, fit would Fayetteville, wood flooring is a company of that you can count on to educate you, to help you understand the process of, of sanding your wood floor. So when checking out with guys and Fayetteville wood flooring, please, please ask your questions. Uh, if we can help you, we’d love to. Again, Fayetteville wood flooring, check us out and thank you for listening.