Fayetteville wood flooring | The Important Things

Good morning and welcome to another episode of Fayetteville Wood flooring today. This will be episode number seven and we’re going to talk a little bit about today, uh, of the machine maintenance and the importance of keeping them clean. So at Fayetteville wood flooring, we’re only gonna use the, uh, the best equipment available with the dust containment systems on them and we understand the importance of keeping the machine clean just due to the fact that a dirty machine cause a chatter marks in your floor or drum lines for a bigger than anticipated Ed’s marks so that Fayetteville wood flooring, we want to make sure that the proper maintenance is done on all our machines. So that’s something that we take a little bit of extra care for, a little bit of pride in his making sure the machines here at Fayetteville wood flooring are clean and ready to go and are going to perform to do what they’re designed to do.

So first off, we’ll talk about the big machine or the belt sander as some people call it a. it’s important first off, that the wheels are kept clean. Sometimes when you’re sanding a floor, you might run across a patch of a wood filler, which can, uh, stick to your wills and caused just a slight bump in the, uh, in the will, which in turn causes a, like a chatter market, what they call it, or sometimes people call it a drum line or waves in their floor. And that’s all dude, just a, just a small amount of wood filler stuck to your, to the wheel, which is causing this a slight bump. So at Fayetteville wood flooring, uh, every, every morning. And then also after every job, we’re gonna flip the machine over. We’re going to check the wheels, make sure that for that day, all the, uh, the Woodville or, or other other things that could be even a small rock that gets stuck on that, on that wheel and caused, we’re gonna flip that machine over and check the wheels, make sure that they’re there, ready to go to go for the next job.

Another thing on the big machines or the belt sanders is sometimes you’ll get dust up in the, uh, uh, the rollers for the springs on the rollers. Typically that dust is, is caused by not emptying the bag for you to just hear your sanding and it just kind of get caught up in Sandy. And then that bag, it’s a little too full and that dust isn’t pushed up into that bag or that vacuum quick enough and it settles on the springs. So at Fayetteville wood flooring every again, everyday, every morning, every night we opened up the, uh, the side panel of those, of those, the belt sanders, vacuum it out, blow them out and make sure that all those springs enrollers are, are clean. And then once a week we’ll actually take those rollers off and that will make sure that there’s no rocks or debris on them because just like the wheel, sometimes you’ll get some buildup of dust or dirt or something.

And that will in turn cause that belt just to bounce a little bit, just enough to give a, just a little chatter mark and the floor. So at Fayetteville, wood flooring, proper maintenance of machines is something that we strive to do. Make sure that, uh, now the machine is performing properly. There’s other things that you can do on that big machine, but those are two of the main things that are her checked daily and you know, weekly for taking off the rollers had just a matter of proper maintenance just to maintain a good quality floor when you’re dealing with your edge or there’s not a whole lot of maintenance on the edge or other than just making sure that the wheels, again, I don’t have a wood filler on them or anything to make them uneven with. So we’re going to clean those off. You gotta.

Be careful with the pad on the, uh, on the edgers if they’re not getting worn down because they do cut a, at a certain angle and sometimes that that will wear on that pad. Just a little bit on that, uh, on that particular angle. So at Fayetteville wood flooring, make sure that your machines are clean. I free from dirt and debris and any type of wood filler. Not a lot of maintenance on the buffers. Buffers are are typically, you know, just to ask a lady machine, they don’t collect a lot of dust on them, but they over time they can, if you don’t air, I’m off or hose them off with air hose, you know, they could give some buildup of dust on it. But again, at Fayetteville wood flooring, we’re going to use a vacuum system that keeps the machines clean so they can perform at their, at their ability.

So that’s something we take pride in Fayetteville, wood flooring as far as the install goes, a maintenance on those is just making sure they’re. They’re oiled correctly, they’re not just thrown around in the van or the truck or the trailer. Know you want your tools to last where we want our tools to last. It’s just something that a no cost two, three, $400, but if you don’t take care of them over a year, if you’re spending that two or three times that that does eat into the profit a little bit, but at Fayetteville wood floor and we’re gonna, just try to make sure that everything is maintained properly, cleaned properly so that the product finished product for the customer is a good one. So Fayetteville what flooring, we’re trying to make sure everything is done properly, done correctly. It’s a. it’s a little bit extra time that the time invested in their proper maintenance and cleaning is a worth price for us because our floors are going to turn out a little bit flatter, a little bit nicer than those who don’t perform proper maintenance, so if you’re lucky to have your, your wood floor down and you, you want somebody that’s going to take pride in their work, not only in their work but also in their tools that they’re using.

You can usually tell by looking at somebody’s truck or van how they take care of things. It’s not always the case, but typically it is so at Fayetteville wood flooring and just trying to do something extra on our side so that the customer size, the product turns out better for them. So check out Fayetteville wood flooring and it’s a great place to have your floors done. That’s it for episode seven. Hope you enjoyed.