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welcome again, this should be episode 10 at Vail. Hardwood flooring, flooring. Say we’re just gonna. Talk a little bit about live it in the customer’s job site. What might need to be done looked at to ensure a proper installation or sandy prefinished hardwood floor. So from the, from the get go, from the calls, the customer requesting to estimate bill wood flooring. We want to make sure that things are done correctly and in the right order so that in the end the customer’s happy with the wood floor that they have for the product that they have and that everything is conducive to that type of product. So the first thing we’ll do upon arriving at the residences will just take a quick look around the rest of it’s not going through the backyard or anything like that, but just check out the front yard, Fayetteville wood flooring check out the drainage, a look at the gutters, windows, things like that.

Things that it could affect the moisture content and the home, the humidity in the home. Just kind of something that, uh, you know, it’s easy to look at it if there’s a potential problem. Then when we’re inside the house we can address that, that problem with the homeowner side at Fayetteville wood flooring. Now we’re going to take you just a quick assessment as we’re entering the residence and if we see nothing wrong with that, would that residents will still even go inside and check check windows, check doors, you’ll ceos, things like that. That could be a potential problem. So favorite wood flooring, looking to educate the customer and help them. Also with guys, same company. We tried to do the same things, so after ending the residents will be the customer put on a professional look, which we always try to do. We want to be a professional company, so we’re gonna, speak with integrity, speak with confidence about our ability to do an install and sand hardwood flooring here.

Favorite wood flooring. So with talking with the customers, we want to find out their needs are. Find out what they’re trying to achieve with their product. As I said earlier, broadcast or podcast that sometimes the product that the customer wants isn’t actually what the customer might need or what might fit for their particular environment or project so they have the wood flooring, making sure that the right product is installed in the right environment, so after, after talking with the customer, greeting the customer, finding out what they’re wanting as far as a hardwood floor in their project will go through and we’ll measure the floor and we’ll try to get it as close as possible. We know that every dollar is a is worked for and it’s precious to the homeowner. We want to make sure that they’re comfortable spending their money here at Fayetteville wood flooring.

With that, they’re confident, they’re gonna. Get a good job in the end. Final product, so we measured the floor. We have a laser measure tape that measures everything very tied to involved. We try to do with measuring is get everything, the titus tightest we can, but then allow for ribs that might be added on or clauses that might be missed by the homeowner, but that usually is taken care of and the waste we typically try to no wood flooring to having 10 percent waste on, on the measurements that allows for the cuts and reps and things like that that we need to do as professionals to make sure that the floor assault correctly in the homeowner’s house. So when the, when measuring, making sure that it’s done correctly and accurately is also a big, big priority for us. After measuring the floor, we’ll walk around what the home owner and a look at different issues that might be a potential problems or concerns.

Uh, when the wood floors and stuff. For example, uh, if, uh, a solid hardwood floors installed on top of a concrete slab, they’ll need to be typically a, a, a plywood placed under that hardwood floor, which will in turn raise the, a hardwood floor up off the concrete slab, about an inch and a quarter of an inch. And three eighths could be an inch and a half if you’re using a three quarter inch plywood. But, uh, there could be potential problems where interior doors might need to be cut so that the hardwood floor can go underneath them. Also looking at different door casings and things like that that may need to be cut so the wood floor can fit in them. And so that’s one, one area that we tried to, uh, bring attention to the customer. Uh, here at Fayetteville wood flooring. We also look at exterior doors.

A lot of times when they are sent during the construction process, they’re set on the concrete slab or on a, on the crawl space, and one of hardwood floors installed that bottom sweeper made catch the hardwood floor and, uh, you know, could, could rub a raw spot or it could even, uh, the hardwood floor block that door from being opened. So we’ll, we’ll address that concern here. Favorite wood flooring with the customer and make sure that they’re aware that there may need to be additional things charged that are unavoidable. So educating the customer again is a, is a priority for us here at the wood guys and Fayetteville, wood flooring, other potential problems that we’re trying to look for is if there’s cracks in the or cracks in the tram, we’re looking for a leaky windows, things that might be putting moisture in the air or a possible leaks, a foundation problems, anything that could be a potential problem we wanted to bring to the attention of the homeowner so that, that issue can be addressed before the flooring or the product arrives at the customer’s home.

So they have Fayetteville, wood flooring and trying to, to look out for the customer and find out what’s best for them is a top priority for us. Have we want to make sure that things are done, of course, correctly here at Fayetteville wood flooring. So assessing the home, looking at different, uh, different things. Uh, also, you know, what is a, sometimes a big concern or not a problem, but just a concern that customers might have is when we’re going around a fireplace. If surrounded fireplace, sometimes it’s hard to, to bend the wood. Uh, in fact, uh, you know, without a lot of preparation and quite a bit of an expense, we really can’t bend the wood around the, around the fireplace, so we’ll just a scribe the best we can and come back later and it failed. Bill Wood flooring will put a, a silicone Kraut, uh, between the, uh, the hearth of the fireplace and a, the wood floor.

And that gives that, uh, that would room to expand and contract without pushing up against a hard surface which will in turn caused the Florida to cup or to buckle in extreme cases. So they though would floyd trying to find a potential problems, concerns that need to be brought to the customer so that they’re aware and there’s not any surprises. Also would guys, we do the same thing, just making sure everything is done. So this is another episode of Fayetteville wood flooring and wood guys, just letting you know, things that could happen, things that we’re looking for. Again, looking at the exterior of the home as we’re walking up to it. And if we do see concerns, we will ask to go around the back and look at different, uh, issues that may be a concern in selling a hardwood floor. Um, we also look at the interior, make sure that everything is good, they’re bringing up any potential concerns so that the project goes, goes over smoothly, and there’s no hiccups in it. So, hope you enjoyed the podcast. Fayetteville, wood flooring, uh, the place to go with the wood guys. Think.