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Again, this is David with a wood guys and Fayetteville wood flooring. This is episode five today. Like to talk just a little bit about the new, a new rage or craze going out there in the flooring, a foreign market and that is what’s called waterproof flooring. A waterproof flooring is typically a vinyl floor and we’ll get into the different types there are, but typically what you’re getting is, is a vinyl on top of some sort of composite. Um, you know, a new flooring can make a huge impact on how your home is, looks. There’s a lot of choices out there today at different, uh, materials and designs, colors, all kind of where you’re able to customize the look. A waterproof flooring is, is great for areas like the washroom kitchen. I’m just air laundry, laundry rooms, just anywhere that there, there might be a water source or sources of great place for waterproof flooring.

Vinyl is a, is now made in a, you know, a huge variety of different sizes. Designs, uh, they can, they can look like or replicate stone would, uh, still a lot of different options out there. And this waterproof flooring, so just want to talk just a little bit about what we do here at Fayetteville. Wood flooring a, there’s different types of material. Again, most of them have the vinyl on top, but there are things out there which we do not carry all of them in our stores. But, uh, the first one, b, a s, s, p, c flooring. So that’s what some people call like a stone plastic composite. Uh, you know, it combines the strength of, of stone and it can look like tile or wood. It has layers designed to resist in the moisture. It’s, it’s easy to install, easy to maintain, clean.

It’s a, you know, has that three dimensional look to it. Um, it, it’s great. And we try to educate about this again at a Fayetteville wood flooring that SPC resists fading. You know, it’s not going to appeal, it’s not going to, uh, have cupping problems like we talked about another podcast because a, it’s not a wood product on vinyl. So again, here at the Fayetteville wood flooring, we’re going to educate about that. Another great thing for this waterproof flooring, and we talk about it a lot here at Fayetteville, wood flooring is, it was great with pets and doesn’t hold orders.

Okay, sorry about that. The phone got to ringing on me like I was saying, the waterproof flooring or the vinyl. Does it hold odors? Of course it’s not gonna, you know, spill on it. It’s not going to soak it up or anything. It’s also very good about the direct sunlight not fading it and a lot of that just depends on the manufacturer to. But again, here at the Fayetteville wood flooring, we’re going to carry the products. They’re gonna be, you know, the better grade, the better quality of flooring. So it’s, you know, it’s gonna last you a the warranty period that’s on it. It’s also not susceptible to, you know, high the temperature changes as much. Now there are some that that will move with temperature, but the temperature really has to be up there, you know, 150, 60, 70 degrees before anything really happens.

Um, and another great thing about this waterproof flooring here at, at Fayetteville wood flooring is you can install it right over the top of, uh, of, uh, you know, your, uh, your porcelain tiles, other wood floors, plywood floors, and you don’t have a lot of what they call, um, you know, deflection, you don’t, you don’t see the, uh, the ridges in the, uh, the surface below, uh, another type of a waterproof flooring, uh, here at Fayetteville. Wood flooring is what they call a wpc. People call that a wood plastic composite or would polymer composite that has, you know, a good realistic look of flooring. It’s a great option. Um, it combines some of the great qualities of the vinyl surface. And then also just a really good looking hardwood floor, um, wpc or the wood plastic composite is typically made of, of layers. Um, sometimes would dust limestone and a pvc to, uh, to make that, that very hard, durable base to put the vinyl on.

It’s the WPC. I, I prefer the WPC backing, you know, that limestone backing is very dense. I like that. Um, it’s just my opinion. But here at Fayetteville wood flooring, we’re going to educate you about the different, different products so that you’re able to choose what works best in your, uh, in your environment that he, in wpc, it’s, it’s, um, it’s very resistant to stains, a indentations fading, tapping all those things that could happen to a, a solid hardwood floor even, uh, an engineered wood floor. So again, st deal with Florence trying to do the best candidate educate you and it can also be installed right over your tiles and things like that. And now another, another great flooring. And this is really up there on my, my list also is what they call it. Rigid core, a rigid core flow flooring. Uh, it also has a vinyl composite core.

It’s a, some people call it the best of both worlds, kind of the best of the laminate flooring. And then also luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl. Uh, it’s, you know, it’s great, a great choice for that really good looking floor as well as a wood floor or a tile looking floor. Great re, uh, resilience, um, very, very hard to, to dent, hard to scratch. It’s not going to stain, it’s not gonna expand or contract, it’s not going to hold your own odors either. It’s great you sometimes they’ll have a pad attached to it and uh, here at the Fayetteville Wood flooring euro, you’ll be able to see that in the show room. Again at Fayetteville wood flooring, trying to educate you have really about all the different types of, of a waterproof flooring that you’ve got or that we’ve got hand with all of these. A waterproof Lauren’s, they’re all easy to clean.

Um, most of the time you can just use a mop and clean them up. Sometimes you’ll use a cleaner on and just to kind of get that, um, you know, if you’ve got kids that have spilled soda or milk or something like that, it kind of leaves a film. Know here at the Fayetteville, Fayetteville, wood flooring, we’ve got cleaners that will help take off that also. So just to kind of sum things up, there are a lot of options out there. Here at Fayetteville, wood flooring, we, uh, we try to cover all those options so that you as a consumer are able to make a good choice. We like to educate you here at Fayetteville wood flooring, just to make sure that you know, you know, what you’re getting and what will work best for you. So again, waterproof flooring, it’s a great option for any area that has water in it.

Bathrooms, laundry rooms, even play rooms for kids because they’re just, they’re hard to destroy. We have them here at wood guys and a failure. Wood flooring, we have them on the floor. So we were able to see him here, how they’ve, um, sound when you walk on them, touch them, kind of feel the texture of different, different ones. So again, Fayetteville wood flooring, a great place to start, a combined with the wood. Guys. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if you don’t understand everything. We can help you through that here at Fayetteville, wood flooring by check us out, see how we’re doing.