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Hey Steve with wood guys, episode number 12, laminate flooring in Tulsa. Drive them to the job right now. I’m at the intersection at 51st and Sheridan where they got to quit drip the farm. They got a Burger street store that’s always out of business. Moody’s Jewelry, you know, all that kind of stuff here. Next to a cargo van or you’re talking about cargo vans only have lately evolve. They’re still pretty much looking like a Turd for a long time. That’s right. Just not going to see much change from year to year. Uh, maybe the change you might. I mean, I don’t even know what change you would see shape of a taillight. Who knows? It’s like politics. We really don’t need to change. Keep things the way they were. Sometimes change is not a good thing. We’re talking about that last night with some, uh, religious things like, somethings just don’t need to change something works.

Don’t change it. So, uh, kind of kind of logo. It’s not going to add them. I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. Laminate flooring in Tulsa. Let’s talk about the roads in Tulsa. So this 51st street, it’s not too bad, but a lot of roads in Oklahoma and pretty bad. And so, uh, I’m driving down the road. Scott’s drinking some water from Ozarka. Now those Arca made in Texas Pine Springs, Texas. But are they in the ozarks since the a’s at the end? Are they really just capitalizing on the ozarks name with changing it? Just a little bit. Ozarka ozarks. Who knows? I would like to Google it though and find out how they got their name because I’m sure they got some type of story that says where were actually I was our county made in Texas. How is water made in Texas?

I don’t think it’s made in Texas. I think it’s made by God all over the world. They should put a instead of made in Texas, they should put collected in Texas. That’d be, yeah. Made from God collected in Texas. That would be way better. I’d buy it even more. I mean, I was trying to choose between Disani and Ozarka today and I thought Scott’s companies from Texas. I’ll grabbing Ozarka because it’s made in Texas all about God, all about Texas. You put the two together and you got one of the best states in the country, but I’m going to have to say something about Texas, which I’m very disappointed in. Went to a family movie and we’re all sitting down and we’re. We’re there watching previews for a family movie. I got all my kids with me, Scott Scott, his kids with him, laminate flooring, Tulsa, and we’re just sitting watching the movie previews and 50 shades of grey happens to pop up and they show the thing and I was like the heck.

So I had to make it a point, everyone in the theater and to know that I thought we were in Texas. I got, I got some claps. Some people were proud of that comment because come on Texas. I thought we’re all about God and Republicans talk about God and Republicans. Oklahoma. Every county, every election is red. There has never been a blue county or even purple. That’s always been read. So does that say that Oklahoma, since we’re the poorest state in the most, one of the most corrupt states, does that mean the Republican Party laminate flooring in Tulsa is more corrupt? What does it mean?

Don’t understand. So, uh, as we continue to drive down the road just past Taco bell or just reminded me of a song saying by Tyler Joseph back in the early days of the 21 pilots, the Taco Bell Song where he sings and thinks the Mexicans from making this Brita so good. And uh, I’m a fan of Taco bell ever since my mission, Taco bell was a big deal for me in my life because I could go in there and get forty nine cent Tacos, eighty nine cent burritos. And uh, it was great. I was still get a cup of water because soda pop always been expensive. But now that I’m happy and to a point in my life, I drink a lot of soda until lately. So supreme lending has a van concrete land in the front of it and passing by of Mills, which I’ve never been to. It’s supposed to have the best steak in town, but I’ve never been there before.

So is it the best steak in town or can I go to reasor’s and barbecue my own steak and make it just as good. Tell you what. I had some Philemon yogurt the other day at a coupon. I took Jack and Andy and laminate flooring in Tulsa and we went and ate at achy bone and we. I got the filet Jack got the shrimp. Of course andy got chicken, so it was a lot of food. The fillet, when I put it in my mouth, it was so soft, tender Shaylee sodalicious loved that. I gave a few pieces of Jack and Andy and they said, wow, dad, that’s the best I’ve ever had. Yeah, so shout out to [inaudible] bond laminate flooring Tulsa, because it was a some delicious steak. Now. Everything else was really good there, but I am a fried rice snob. The fried rice wasn’t as wonderful as I wanted it to be, but it was still good. Fried Rice could have been better. So Scott, tell us about the bank you go to and why you choose to go to that bank. Well, I go to a bank in Texas called Amegy Bank in Texas mainly because the Texas is in its

name. I’m all about things in Texas because guess what, if your money is in a bank and that bank name has Texas in it, that means it’s going to be safe. They ain’t gonna be no bank robbers coming up. They’re holding up on their horse, pulling out their six volt old revolver pistol. The man in my money. And even if they did this great country of ours, the United States of America, they insure my money up to $100,000. So guess what, I never ever have to worry about not having my money. Cause it ain’t like I got $100,000 laminate flooring Tulsa. Uh, for. Yeah, I mean it could be insured up to about a thousand dollars and I’d be okay. Every once in a while I might get a little bit more than that. But normally, normally it’s all right. There is a spirit bank over here to my right in the green and black.

Is their colors kind of Frankenstein looking. I probably wouldn’t put my money there. It’s all about how it looks. You don’t have to have a good bank. Red, white and blue is always good. I guess green is not bad. It’s the color of money after all. I don’t know though. And then there’s a bus stop over here because there’s only one bus stop in that one bus stop is talking about. Oh you Tulsa. I didn’t know there was an EU in Tulsa. I guess it’s like Texas a and m. They got Texas a and M, Galveston, Texas a and M, Corpus Christi, Texas a and m somewhere else that I can’t think of right now. So there’s all these universities. All they want to do is educate our fine children. Make this world a better place at laminate flooring. Tulsa. So there’s some beautiful trees over here by the rib crib.

That’s another wonderful name. Rib Crib. I don’t know who came up with that. It ain’t like your ribs are making a crib. Anything can escape out of a rib crib, don’t you think? I think so. I’ve never heard of a rib crib as kind of stupid. That’s like, how can we make a rump? Well, let’s go with rib dibs. What do you mean rib dibs can’t have a rib? Maybe a Ria. Pib, pib, pib. They’d be talking. They’d be copying Dr Pepper. There’s only one original Dr Pepper and that Dr Pepper is in Waco, Texas. Where the museum is again. Waco. Yes. It’s made in Texas. Young man. Don’t you know things? Everything that’s good to at a Texas, you’ve got the Dallas cowboys, the Houston Texans, Houston Rockets. You Got Sam Houston, you got David Bowie. You got. Remember the Alamo? I mean, what is it in Texas? You’ve got dell computers. Even though I worked for HP, but compact was there and now compact is now hp and I worked for HP.

I handle their crm program. I keep. I made sure everyone’s managing their pipeline properly and making us billions of dollars. Making us the number one laptop company in the world in Texas and in the world. Both basically the same. A laminate flooring Tulsa. Now we’re going up. Well we got a little hill country here, here, the wherever we’re at in Tulsa leaf removal. And there you have it. So let’s take a minute and see how much time we have. See if we have any callers on our land. We’ve been talking for nine. Oh six. Uh, we got a caller on the land. That person’s name is Jim Sellers. Hello Jim Sellers. How you doing? Well, I’m doing fine. You’ve driven by my new field house? Yes. I was wondering why they called it after you. Well, I’m an important person. I went to a Thomas, a edison high school preparatory school and I respect that school. So I said I’m going to donate some money to that school as long as they laminate flooring, Tulsa. Name the field house after me. So I don’t remember what my name is anymore, but I do have a field house named after me. And uh, with that 19 six, I’ll turn it back over to our host for the day here is laminate flooring, Tulsa Bird, hardwood floors. Thank you Scott.

The information about laminate flooring, Tulsa and all the wonderful things that go on and our beautiful state of Texas that we’re not living in that we wish we do because uh, you know, everything’s better in Texas. One fun fact about Texas is that, uh, if you were to, if Texas was to be its own country, it would be in the top 10 countries in the world. No, it’d be number one in the top 10 if it was its own country. That just says a lot about what’s going on down in Texas and the economy and that powerful. So. All right. With that, I will wrap up my last podcast for this week. I’ll be making some more hopefully when I’m in Branson and driving down the road, piece out laminate flooring, Tulsa.