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Hey, this is steve with what guys and welcome to my new episode of laminate flooring Tulsa. Right now I’m driving back to Tulsa looking at uh, the highways of this state of Missouri and you won’t find laminate flooring Tulsa in the state of Missouri yet, maybe some day, but I’m not really interested in laminate flooring, Missouri. We’re looking at laminate flooring Tulsa. So, um, got a big grain elevator here on the left. I’m sure a lot of farmers bring their means and their wheat corn and soy beans and whatever you want to bring over into that grain silo that can load it up. Getting on a train, you know, we are in the bread basket of America driving down the road. I see a dodge longhorn edition in front of me. I got the next step down from the long core. My got the Laramie. I think the law more my fmpu extra creature comforts and when I got. But that’s okay. Laminate flooring, Tulsa. So if you look on the left, you’ll see George’s inc. I don’t know what george’s inc does. Doesn’t really say anythIng, but it’s got big old parking lot. not too big though. Not even as big as walmart, but they do something back there with a water treatment plant right next to him. The grass is green. Got some country houses on my right. Same mixture of cattle. Call it the heinz 57 braeden going down new highway.

Never heard of the town called butterfield, but it’s right there on the right. Got another big old grain elevator. Must have that train go right through here. Loaded by we corn, barley, rye, you know, whatever it takes as we drive down the road. Speed limit, 60 miles an hour. Laminate floorinG, tulsa, and you can see most of the trees have lost their leaves. All the colors are just brown. It’s not that pretty, but it is the fall and that’s when they fall out. got an old garage on the left, got some ole nasty house is on the left. One’s even made out of cinder blocks. You know that house has kind of a piece of trash, but that’s okay. Got a bigger one over here on the left. That’s been remoDeled several times. It looks like it could be a funeral home that it’s not. It looks like it’s just a home as a salvage department way out here in the middle of nowhere and I was wondering if cherie wants to say anything about laminate flooring?

Probably not. Maybe she does. Maybe she doesn’t. She’s getting ready to write a lie, a letter going to write a letter and then send it after she gets some good cell phone range, so we’re going to keep going down and a laminate flooring tolson talking about the state of Missouri and we’re talking about driving through today and we’re talking about looking at passing lanes, going down the road and we got a 70 mile hour. What I’m doing right now, which is a little bit above the speed limit, which I probably shouldn’t be going. Probably should be keeping a ride around 65. We do not need to have a ticket and we do not need to have a ticket. No, we’ll keep the goose control. Well good because somebody touches their own side. Sometimes we control the whole car, but you know, that’s what happens when people have their agency. So, uh, let’s talk a little bit about people having an agency. They make choices and they usually stupid. So we don’t care about that. We care about making the right choices instead of stupid choices. Keep the car at the same temperature. It would be nice unless you’re a hot or cold, you can adjust your side. It’s oNe of the creature comforts when you’re driving to larry at edition of the dodge truck. You have that option.

Well it looks like we got a place up here called whites insurance agency. I don’t know if I’d ever buy anything from there. So I’ll keep driving down the road. It resume on my uh, cruise control drug speeds up, but it’s going to speed up too much. So I had to go dowN a few notches, but that’s okay. Laminate flooring, tulsa. So not as many leaves on the road anymore and got a bunch of round middles over there on the lifts. Active, it looks like they’re going to get ready to feed this wintertime round bell style, which is a lot easier than square bale style. I know a little bit about square bottle feeding and it’s not any fun. Actually. It’s not too bad. Just fine. So noW, uh, we’re coming up here on the looking at the dirt on the right. It’s got a lot of orange in the soil appearance day in Missouri and gravel, a lot of orange clay clay that maybe that’s why it’s orange.

Look on the left, see a lot of semis called extra. Didn’t know extra was outta here, but it looks like it is. Got a bunch of their old rigs parked out in the place or hiring truck drivers right now, selling mulch and things like that. I wonder where we’re at right now and not even five minutes. We got only halfway done laminate flooring, tulsa. We got a big old cheesy picture of a guy with a post electric heard that when you advertise, never supposed to put your own picture on something. Even if you’re good looking or if inferiorally people going to judge you either way. And not use your company, so I never put your personal picture when you’re advertising. And so, uh, it’s better to have a cartoon or just assemble or whatever you got. We’ll see a flag up there. Probably could be coming into the town of mount vernon.

Not mount vernon known it. Monad is known for having a, some gas stations. We’ll see if one of these gas stations got to casey’s court looking forward. A little bit of yum. Yum. Tum tum. And it’s actually is not. It’s called party party. Is that a pretty town? Well, maybe not. Maybe so. But, um, I got a company here called midwest paging. I don’t know why anyone would page anybody these days. We’ll take a left party, going to turn left on highway, be another dollar general store. And we’re cruising down the road. See I working in an old truck with the greenhouse, got a old brush that hasn’t been used for years in the back of it, some cattle and any. there’s a basement house now. Typically the houses around here that are new, their outbreak and they’re kind of ugly. They’re kinda blah. Got a walk out basement.

Now there’s the next house. I’ve got a big old pretty fence, but the house is still playing on house on the top of the hill. Got all black cattle. Were wondering if there angus. That could be angus, but a truth be told. I can’t tell the difference between the meat of an angus cow and then the other cow just depends on what you’re feeding them. RighT. Then we’re a keep it on driving down the road and put more cows on the left gals on the right pharmacists, some bars, morton barn here with an airplane, hangar bar, and on the other side full around bills. It looks like if we’re Going to have a board like that, you’re going to have to have the pitch fork lift onto your tractor. sounds like sherry is reading the email with her voice thing going. That’s okay. Trying to plug in your ear.

Not wanting to listen to me because I’m boring talking to all my laminate flooring. Tell us as I drive down the road, I’m going 65 miles an hour. We got a black chevy truck in front of me. see a house with little propane tank on the lift and I don’t know if I feel too safe lifting on the highway next to a road like that. We lived in a house like that. Once we’ve got broken into. I had a friend that got broken into just the other night because of the same reason. Got a car that just passed me and we got some hills going up and down a lot better hills going up and down and then curry and assault together. it looks like I got about five point seven miles before I take a right on highway 86. We’re cruiSing through the state of Missouri trying to get on the toll road and I have 44 so we can hit back down into the town where they have tulsa.

Where would guys is the main location for laminate flooring? Tilson even though we don’t sell them and the floors were going to saint laminate flooring tulsa. Just so we can rank up on that google and that’s what it was all about, isn’t it? Being on that back page content, making some yummy emmy page content, load it up on monday when we get back to the store and going to turn on the computer, let it power up, fire up the dropbox and then I’ll probably have all my blogs labeled in advance so when I turn on the computer I can just airdrop from right over to the showroom computer and go in and put them in the dropbox. That way there’ll be ready to load up for content and that will go in. There we go in. There we go. So, um, got some roCks piled up there.

It looks like they’ve been cleaning up the field and we had some theaters over there. laminate flooring, tulsi, you should say it every once in awHile. Just so the content pull up. So the more you say laminate, flooring, jealousy, you don’t want to say it all the time, but you might want to say between six to a dozen times would be good. In a 10 minute podcast episode, look into the clock. We’re at eight minutes and 44 seconds. So that always a good day to say laminate flooring, delson. We got a bunch of blue metal buildings on the right hand side. Wonder what those are. It looks like a chicken farm in the back. Can be raising chickens out there. I can try to. How’d you like to wake up every morning and a deal with a chicken barn. Might be fun, might not be fun.

And I guess a job’s a job right? No matter what you do. They got a lot of chicken farms out here. You can see they got their corn and everything out there and raise the chickens. This one on the left looks a lot more clean. Looks like a nice little operations as good fans of Blowing and keep it at a nice temperature inside for them. Chickies race. So you can enjoy some chicken wings and chicken nuggets. So as we’re driving down the road and doing this blog for laminate flooring, tulsa, as we wrap it up to an end, we can see there’s a lot of growth on that tree line over there. It looks like the farmer there hasn’t really cared about maintaining anything in there for, for a while it doesn’t have any cows and there maybe that’s why it just doesn’t care about his fence getting lazy seems to me like, um, be a great idea to lease out that and have whoever leads to the place take care of fence for you. Free reduced price that way. Got it. Well maiNtained fence. So there you go. Going to wrap up this episode. We just hit our 10 minute mark, got a painted pony on the ride, which usually are stupid horses, but, um, you know, that’s the way it goes. And so I’d like to conclude my episode. Laminate flooring tulsa. Have a blessed day.