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Laminate Flooring Tulsa Hey, this is steve with wood guys, I want to welcome you to laminate flooring Tulsa episode. Let me see here. Let’s call this episode number eight. Sunday night I’m hanging out with some family. I got the Jensens up from Houston, Texas and laminate flooring in Tulsa. We’re talking about all these great things. We had a good roast for breakfast or for dinner, kind of a cold day. And uh, these are some of the guys that had a flood in Houston. Scott, why don’t you tell us about the flood and Houston and what happened to your house? Laminate flooring. Tulsa.

So here it would guys. We do laminate flooring in Tulsa. We’re talking about key words that search on the back end of our website, laminate flooring in Tulsa because we weren’t key words, key keywords to show up, help our flooring website, do better with laminate flooring in Tulsa. But Gambia is a good sport and she will talk about all the great things that happened during the flood along with the bad laminate flooring. Tulsa. So when he said we had this flood from Hurricane Harvey and happened in August of 2017, brought about 52 inches of water into our home, ruining our beautiful hardwood floors that bird hardwood had installed for us 12 at 12 years ago. So it took us about eight months to get our house put back together. But in the meantime we were able to choose some beautiful new flooring from bird hardwood that he was able to come and install Laminate Flooring Tulsa.

Um, it’s a beautiful light wood floor from hallmark floors and it was officially made my home a beautiful. And everyone that walks in wants to know where I got them from. And of course I always mention bird hardwood floors. I’m very grateful that his company is so stellar. Such great performance. Such hard working guys at bird hardwood floors, laminate flooring. But what guys would guys bird hardwood through guys? Well, can we. Thanks for that Laminate Flooring Tulsa. Let me tell you, back in the day I met Kamilah way before her husband and I could tell she was the kind of girl that was fun to be around. I didn’t pay too much attention because of that time I was all about working for the Lord and then when I saw her walking in I was like, well, I saw her first, but I get so laminate flooring, Tulsa right now we’ve got our Christmas tree up in the house.

Why y’all picked such a skinny tree for that before? Stockings on the chimney. Got The love sign on the wall. Got some girl eating some cereal. Yeah. Might as well drink a Dr pepper with that. All that sugar and a sweater. Remind everybody in our home. We don’t have no eating upstairs. Rural. My guys got a son, Collin home for the day and a Sherri’s face time and a right now I’ll talk and laminate flooring Tulsa. Have you ever seen this game? This video game set or a Jack was this video game called so Zelda looks like there’s a guy that has a shield and he’s riding a motorcycle on top of the mountains. Leah’s playing the game right now. Laminate flooring in Tulsa and it looks pretty good. She’s on the snow. There’s a moose and a. would you like to talk on the, uh, on my podcast for a minute here? This is Korean and she’s eating some cereal right now. Hey, eyes. Today was pretty good day. I drove for eight hours and now I’m here. And Yeah, I came from Houston, Texas. Tell us about what you’re eating. I’m eating some frosted mini wheats with two percent milk.

That was pretty good information there. Laminate flooring, Tulsa. So, uh, one of the first things that Scott did when he came into her house as he sat in a chair and took a Shiatsu massage right in her living room and that shot. See massage, Laminate Flooring Tulsa Massages your legs, your back, your bum as some vibration on the end of it can be, have you had the opportunity to take a sheet out. So, well, laminate flooring in Tulsa, it’s a great thing to do is to sit down and take a shot. So I suggest to you hit the power button on the top, lift you take off your shoes and just to take a shot, sue. So, uh, we got some cute kids and multiple yelling at mom and she says, shut your pie hole. This thanksgiving is coming up and Thanksgiving I’m wanting to, uh, I want to make some pies.

I’m pretty good at making a chocolate chip pecan pie and a laminate flooring Tulsa, like pumpkin pies or like whipped cream. I like just hanging out at home and to go to Branson we’re going to go to the Branson Bill. Branson bill used to have a really good show. I don’t know if that can be topped, but there’s this really good, like an old lady that liked to climb up curtains, do a show like pink did. And now let’s talk a little bit but a little bit about fluctuation and breaking the barrier. You know, when’s the first time you fluctuated in front of your significant other and was it a game changer in the relationship? Scott, tell us about your first fluctuation in front of your friend academy and how that went down. Actually, it would be cammie fluctuating before I ever did. I don’t think I’ve ever fluctuated in front of her. She would like to say it fluctuations. Culation laminate flooring, Tulsa Dotcom. And then there’s Leah. Leah does like to rip, rip one occasionally. And. Oh, do you want to tell us about your ripping experience at laminate flooring? Tulsa.

Hey Boys, what’s up? My hose. It’s leads opposed? It’s Leah here and I’m an Oklahoma and um, it’s lit. So it has a boyfriend named Zach. Don’t tell us about. Tell us about that. Um, he’s in my new ward. Oh, he’s in my new ward and Cranna calls. It’s still 30 engine, all games. He’s in my new ward and Kareena calls him her boyfriend, but he’s in my age even though you’re a little jealous laminate flooring. Yeah. Yeah. Wait, what is that? The. Okay, bye.

Oh, okay. So, um, we’re having some great conversations here tonight. Laminate Flooring Tulsa the importance of laminate flooring in Tulsa. Well, looks like the game is on a little bit of a. let’s hear from Jack.

I pooped in a total came out who is weird.

Okay. When did you eat a turtle? You need a turtle. Jack is not on the spectrum in case you were wondering is actually a straight a student. Now I’m at Laminate Flooring Tulsa I can be. How are you enjoying that? Shiatsu? I guess she’s not taking a shot. See Right now. Well, hanging out on the couch. Podcast has to be 10 minutes long. We got about eight minutes and 40 seconds left on the podcast today. Laminate flooring and Tulsa. Sherry is wearing a 21 pilots. Twenty one pilots. What do you call this as a Hoodie? East is a mess. I up. Went to the 21 pilots concert 10 minutes. Oh yeah, yeah. It’s easy. You can just, uh, just about talking about anything. But why don’t you just record this and then. Oh yeah. And you don’t even have to do it. Well, you have to have new content of the time.

It can’t be like copying itself over. So you just want to be talking about paint color on the walls. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. As long as you say laminate flooring in Tulsa, then you’re good to go. Laminate Flooring Tulsa It’s really great. And cammy is sitting in the chair but not taking this Shiatsu. Oh, I see. Well this is such a problem. Well this is unfortunate. Kids are not skipping school tomorrow. They have to go to school in Oklahoma and Oklahoma. It is so sad because our school systems are so bad. Anyway. If you miss a little bit of school, you can really get screwed.

Ninety five to a 79 just to see 21 pilots. But let me tell you, it’s worth it. Every minute of it. So Atlanta, Florian, Tulsa. Let’s talk about schools in Oklahoma are suffering because the teachers don’t make any money. Hey, guess what? Neither does anybody in Oklahoma because our government is corrupt in the state of Oklahoma. It is sad. It’s so sad. So it cost points to go to the 21 pilots concert because he wasn’t there to get the instructions and didn’t make a great grade on the assignment, you know? And uh, but uh, not grade grade. Will these be better than a zero that she had put in there? What if he’d been sick or would it be the same situation? Yeah, she called in and said they were sick, but that this does not make any sense. You know, I’m a laminate flooring in Tulsa in Texas and you can make it up again, and wolves, coyotes, green grass trees, laminate flooring, Tulsa. She’ll bubble skateboarding on the grass going down the hill right now and there’s a green dot on the screen and some snow in the ground. And I want to conclude my episode number eight. Laminate flooring Tulsa. Thank you all for visiting and laminate flooring and Tulsa and all of the great things about happening right now.