Laminate Flooring Tulsa | Messing With The signs

Hey, this is steve with wood guys, laminate flooring Tulsa. We’re going to do another little podcasts when I’m driving home. So I’ve been working today long day at 7:15, so I’ve been working 12 hours a day driving home. So what I’ve been doing is I got up this morning and then I uh, drove all the way down to what guys don’t laminate flooring in Tulsa. Then after I did that I didn’t have today actually have to go start a job, but I went and messed with our signs, uh, got the banners that because we are opening up our new location, but they got kind of tattered up in the storm. Not really a storm but a lot of wind came in cold front, came in last night and beat up our banners pretty good. So rehung those and tightened them up security and good. And then after that did an estimate came back type the estimates, got that kicked out.

And then after I did that laminate flooring till set a, took a little lunch break, came over and delivered some material to the new store because we’re working on the new showroom. Got that all lined up. Then I did some stairs. I sanded a bunch of stair treads and Laminate Flooring Tulsa and after I sanded those stair treads, I got them stained, had a p five returns on five of those treads. Um, I’m gonna, put a few coats, a water base, finish on them that way on Wednesday they can be installed. And then all we have to deal with somebody in the nail holes. And then we’re done. We’re doing a prefinished staircase or a prefinished floor and we want the staircase to compliment the color of the prefinished flooring. Always looks better to build a solid tread on a staircase versus flooring. Flooring kind of looks a mix, a florid look, a little bit homemade when you do that.

So now I’m driving home. I didn’t tell you what I did. Laminate Flooring Tulsa Intelsat. After that, I’m staining and finishing the treads. After I stayed and finished the treads laminate flooring in Tulsa, I decided to go back over to the new wood guys showroom and installed some Florina. Installed the white oak sample. I’ve got to get ready for the new countertop that’s being installed tomorrow, so after that’s all done a cleaned up and went to Kwik trip, but got a slice of pizza that I’m going to drive home drinking a Dr Pepper Diet, Dr Pepper and nobody knows that I’m kind of sneaking one in because I want one and you know what I see. So I’m driving home right now and I’m driving with my knee and I’m slice of pizza. I’ll take a bite of it right now.

Nice little slice of pizza. So as I’m driving and I got the phone on my ear and I’m going to put the cruise control, I’ll put it on 70 because the speed limit is 65, five year, five, 10 year mine. That’s the rule. So laminate, flooring, Tulsa, some stupid crap going on. Had to put the phone away from my face a little bit there because I’m an idiot driving laminate for Intel stuff. Let’s see. I’m about three minutes and 10 seconds into the podcast. I’m enjoying my pizza. I’m driving with my leg and I’m taking another bite of pizza right now. Pretty good. Laminate Flooring Tulsa I think I’m going to be able to give a drink of soda until my feeling right. Peaches all gobbled them, but I like to have that sort of green by the time I get home, only about a 15 minute drive to where I live.

So, um, you got to think about stuff while you’re driving. If you got to think about what floors, you got to think about driving and about cars and you’ve got to think about the speed you’re going. Do you ever think about how much gas she got? Tire pressure, gotTa, pay attention, all those kinds of little details when you’re driving, because when you’re driving you were driving down the road and you don’t want to be a problem with anybody. So I got my cruise control set at 70 miles an hour to take a sip of soda right now Laminate Flooring Tulsa.

Oh, that was refreshing episode. You know, I love to drink soda. It’s probably been my favorite thing I’ve done in my whole life. Major addiction. But you know what? I love it. So know Tulsa, Oklahoma does not have great roads and can be the state of Oklahoma’s. Do not have great roads. I think they have good funding in this state. I mean it seems like I talk about Oklahoma and problems that has been. It’s been a really good place to live for me. A little suburb I live in. Just kind of like a little bubble protected, had been exchanging a lot over the past few years. A lot of cheaper subdivisions are going in and bringing the riff raff that comes up with a so you can’t really control it and you can’t blame a builder for one to make more money because of those affordable houses. Turnover you have to do a lot more volume, but that turnover so much vaster than bigger houses Laminate Flooring Tulsa.

So next time I build a house I have to buy a little land and protect myself from a lot of that, so I’ll stay where I live for the next maybe six years or so until my youngest kid graduates got way. I’m afraid to do it. I want to do go where I want to go live wherever they live to worry about schools or anything like that. Wouldn’t mind moving to a different state and opening up a new whip guys slamming flooring, Valerian, Tulsa. I might be. All right. So what’s the deal with Oklahoma and being the center stage and everybody’s celebrating and I think being a center was kind of illegal. Right? So, um, when that land Brendan happened, I mean all these people broke the law and went out and take their stuff early. So what a heritage or our great state has, we’re all set with dumped state for a race of people that the government didn’t want at that time.

A lot of corruption going on. So Oklahoma, there we are. We are a poor, poor state. One of the poorest in the United States would Laminate Flooring Tulsa. But you know what? The quality of people here, they’re very nice right now. I can go to a lot of different states and the state. I really love the people and so it’s a good thing, you know. Well now I grew up a little bit. What I’m going to say is a lower income. My Dad a lot of hard knocks, a lot of bad investments and lost his money several times and I always was able to rebound, um, towards my teenage years. He was doing a lot better, more comfortable life. I remember as a kid until I was about nine, eight years old, a eight or nine years old, I lived in a trailer house. They lived in part of, uh, office of a, of a motel because my dad wrote random hotel chain.

Then after that we moved out to the country far away in the middle of nowhere, Missouri, 12 miles away from my dad’s office. And he left. Mom and dad, they went to work at the office together, left Ah, six kids at home of the country, 12 miles away, the middle of nowhere, right on a highway. I could never imagine doing that. But oh my gosh, they did nasty old rent house. Have any money. I remember mom making Primo eating rice for breakfast and less kids complaining about it. She was almost in tears because so poor can afford to buy even pancake mix or anything like that. So pretty crazy. So Laminate Flooring Tulsa I can appreciate hard work and hard work. Does laminate flooring, Tosa, I’ve worked hard my whole life. I got a degree in mortuary science and I love Archer in the funeral home. One of the biggest in Texas.

I’m arrest land of Dallas. And then after that did my apprenticeship up in north Missouri. Don’t stick up my degree right there in Dallas, the Dallas Institute of funeral service, laminate flooring, Tulsa. Then, Laminate Flooring Tulsa, when did my apprenticeship in north Missouri went down to Springfield and worked for a budget, a funeral home that did, you know, about 1200 cases a year. So stayed nice and busy there. Um, but you know what the funeral service is just not pay very good. Actually pays pretty crappy. I mean you got to deal with a lot of stuff and you just don’t get paid for it. So I was only in it maybe a little bit less than five years and after that I went back into Harvard, Florian and that first year I’m working just for myself already made more money than what I did in the funeral home and it just kept going up.

So that’s a nice thing, not saying not to have a boss, so nice to be able to know a lot of different trades and be able to trade out work and things for a laminate flooring in Tulsa for what you do. Being able to have a little bit more freedom there. Built a few houses and House I live in. I traded out different things, air conditioning. I can get a lot of work myself just because since I’m a blue collar guy. No I got read in the fit now. Are Men in the business? Been running their business on my own since I was 19. Ninety three. Laminate Flooring Tulsa So that’s going to be hard. It’s going to be 71 if you go 70 to 90, that’s a no actually it’s 97. So I guess when I was 27 years old I started my own business.

So that’s what it was when I was 27. I started my own business and that all that. So, you know, I’m pretty proud of myself. Um, my brother working with me and that’s nice. Now we’re at 9:54 so I can almost stop talking about this podcast and I can laminate flooring Tulsa, get on with the next thing. So, um, you know, back to work, back to the old grind this week and it feels kind of good. Kind of Nice to work. I got some stain on my $200 shoes, Cole Haan shoes, but you know what? I’m going to go get a couple of new parents, make the business pay for it because I’m a working man. I got to work and bland and that’s what I do. Laminate flooring, he told he gotta live Laminate Flooring Tulsa Andy, you got to live with you guys through what guys would be a real good job. And then our website of content wise, it’s a good thing. So I’m going to make an end of this podcast because I am done with that. Thank you.