Laminate Flooring Tulsa | Getting Some Cabinets In The Kitchen

Hey, this is steve with wood guys and this is my podcast, episode number eight of laminate flooring Tulsa. So today I have started at repair job down in midtown. Tulsa House was built at the turn of the century in a hat, some clear grade red oak and Jenna have, which is a far cry from any type of laminate flooring, Tulsa, so nothing to do with laminate flooring in Tulsa, but it was a remodel where they have moved several of the walls and

needed repairs where those walls have been moved me some cabinets in the kitchens. So we showed up today. A lot of stuff all over the Laminate Flooring Tulsa has been busy cleaning it all up. Laminate flooring, Tulsa laminate to Florian, Tulsa. So got there. He had his truck parked in the driveway so he moved the truck out of the way and then we backed up, unloaded a bunch of wood flooring to do the upstairs with. So where they had done a lot of moving upstairs. We took a lot of the old flooring from there. I cleaned it up and we’re going to use it for the repairs downstairs. Just so we can have just a better match with the old wood versus the new laminate flooring. Tulsa. It’s a lot better to do that if you can. I know in a lot of homes it’s hard to rob would out of one place, um, but this was pretty ideal.

The contractor cleaned it all up. One thing we won’t do, I won’t say we won’t, but one thing that’s hard to do is tear out that flooring and be able to pay your guys at a good rate because you got to not only pull the nails out without breaking the boards, um, you have to get all the gunk cleaned off the sides and on the edges. So the floor and we’ll go back together. Well because over years when they used to wax floors that we could build up between the joints and you got to get all that buildup off. So the floors, when you reinstall them, they snugged up tight. So there won’t be any gaps or weird. We’re looking spots when you do repairs, laminate flooring, Tulsa. So that job is underway right now. I’m driving back to a carwash just because I needed to get my truck washed, so I thought it’d be a good idea to talk a little bit about laminate flooring Tulsa. So I’ve been driving the Dodge truck 2,500 dodge and it’s pretty cool. I’ve had this truck for about two years. It is a

leather interior. I don’t know if it’s called the Larry the tradition. It’s pretty cool. Got a nice wrap on it. Or would guys rap and Laminate Flooring Tulsa I like to keep it clean so I go to this unlimited carwash. Um, I would say I like to go there twice a week, but a lot of times it’s just hard to get there because my truck has stuff in the bed of it and it’s hard to go through a car wash because he can’t have anything in the bed of your truck when you’re going through it. So today I got an empty truck because I just got all my wood out of there and I’m ready to go through it. So coming into this unlimited wash and I think this is going to be the second time I went through it this week. So getting ready to go get a nice clean truck if you can go through twice a week and does really well.

It gives a good looking truck. We got a wrap on our truck. Really liked to have a wrap because you’re pretty much just to a driving billboard. It’s a great advertising. It’s very expensive though. It probably costs about a, I would say about $3,000 to wrap a truck completely. Laminate Flooring Tulsa rap is only good for about five years, but that’s okay with us because you know I like to trade my truck in before it hits 100,000 miles and that’s usually between. Yeah, usually close to three years. So that’s all good there. So right now I’m entering the carwash and put in my car in neutral and zip through this thing. So pretty cool laminate flooring in Tulsa. See I’m about four and a half minutes into this podcast and I’m going to keep going for man maybe till it hit 10 or 11 minutes.

So wood flooring, what we do, we’d love to do wood flooring. We got a note, new showroom that’s being built right now. We’ve got to be in it basically in 30 days. So I think maybe if we can this afternoon or maybe tomorrow we’re going to start laying the ply wood sub floor and getting everything ready to do. I’m getting everything ready to go. I’m going to build a grid maybe so I can have the whole showroom, which is about 2,500 square feet total. If I can get that whole show room. I’m in a grid of maybe eight by eight. I’m gonna use two inch oak by three quarter thick and I’m in a grid it all out and then put all of my samples of the best selling, uh, engineered wood floors and some solids going through there. I’m not gonna have any laminate flooring Tulsa at all in the show room because it’s just junk. I’m really. If you come into our show room, I mean we’re going to be set up pretty nice. I’m trying to get all the samples the same size. Everything really. So

when you come in, it’s a very strange streamline look, I think it’s important to have the best,

the streamlining effects that you can Laminate Flooring Tulsa. So I’m excited about that. So after I go through this car wash, I’m going to go drive over to the new location and see if I can maybe jump in on that a little bit early. I know they had painters and other people going through, but um, might be a good, good thing if they’re all done to start knocking out that I’m in the middle of sell myself at home, doing a shower, remodel in my bathroom and

just takes a lot of the day when you got to worry about a new show room, go home and mess with the shower. I can’t believe how expensive shower glasses it’s going to cost probably around, I would say at least a thousand to $1,500 just for the glass to be bought and installed. Hoping I could find a way to do it myself to where I could just order the measurements and have it shipped and then I can do on the installation. I think I’m going to google that and definitely wouldn’t be googling Laminate Flooring Tulsa like hopefully some of you guys are doing and get into my web back end, but I’m going to go check that out and see if we can

get a good price on some of that. So let’s see. Our new showroom is just going to be a block east of 51st in Mingo at 50, first in Mingo here in Tulsa and that’s going to be a great location. Really excited about it. I know one of the, it’s a, it’s a double storefront so we got the west end of it in someone else that’s going to have the east end. I’m hoping it’s a company that can bring a lot of traffic to us to maybe some type of a show room. Laminate Flooring Tulsa There’s a lot of granite and tile and places like that all around us. It’s why we really want to be right there, so we’ll see what goes in and hopefully it’s not a wood flooring company. Hope isn’t really. It’s just something just like a tile store or something like that would be great or granite or whatever. But let’s see what else we got here. We’re going to go and take a cruise on up to memorial here and see what’s going on. And seeing an ambulance coming down the road right now.

Might be some type of a wreck or a hospital run. I don’t know. Passing them by. Come and go, uh, go fresh market here at 61st and Mingo, probably my favorite gas station in Tulsa. Of course Tulsa is dominated by a quick trip in. Quick trip is awesome. But uh, this new common goes store. It’s cool. They got good music playing. It’s a really open and I like it. It’s cool. If, I mean if it was more handy to go to a like quick trips are, I’d probably go to every time over, you know, over quick trip. I would rather go to that come and go. So laminate flooring, Tulsa, I’ll believes they’re falling here in town and it’s definitely a 44 degrees. Laminate Flooring Tulsa Yesterday was I think 17 degrees and some of the areas of Tulsa and retain 17 to 20 and warms up nicely to the mid sixties. So right now we’re already at 44 and it was only 9:45 AM, so it’ll probably be in the sixties again. It makes a nice, uh, wear a coat in the morning and then by the afternoon you’re just wearing your tee shirt.

Not like San Diego, whether it’s more like Laminate Flooring Tulsa. So coming up on the Eaton square part of town. So Eaton Square is adult, has had a lot of turnover, a lot of different businesses when there was a nutrition store there, we did, um, the wood flooring did some repairs. It was a maple floor, but um, they continually had leaks in the roof, which is horrible. I mean I had to go in several times and do repairs on the flooring, getting. Imagine having a big store, the retail store, and then your landlord does can’t fix a leak or won’t do it right. Does it on the cheap and never gets it fixed. Right. And just cost more money continually. And then a hassle just on the retail end of it. So, uh, we’re had a chance to work in there. It’s been years ago, but we’ve been around many years laminate flooring in Tulsa. So that’s going to conclude my podcast. This is episode number eight, laminate flooring Tulsa. Thank you.