Install an Engineered Floor(Glue Down)

David and I are third generation hardwood flooring contractors. We grew up and learned the hardwood flooring trade from our family near Springfield, MO. In 1993, we started our own labor company, Bird Hardwood Floors.
Over the years we have seen the introduction of all types of hardwood and “look-alike” flooring. Originally, all we did was the traditional solid hardwood flooring that was installed, sanded, and finished in house. But with the advance of finishes and the structural stability of engineered and pre-finished flooring, we found ourselves being asked to install this type of flooring more frequently. Today over 70% of hardwood flooring installed is this type of pre-finished flooring. We felt that if we were to continue in the family tradition of hardwood flooring, we needed to offer the best products to our customers. We wanted to offer flooring that we liked to install, too.

A couple of years ago we started this retail business, Wood Guys. We understand that not everyone wants professional installation and that most people can easily install their own hardwood flooring. With Wood Guys, we decided to offer free estimates and consultation. We wanted to share our many years of flooring installation knowledge with everyone, and offer them the best products on the market. We believe that with a little help, almost anyone can install their own hardwood floor. We have created a website that has “How-To” videos that show how to install our products, along with step by step instructions.

If a do-it-yourselfer in the Tulsa area is having a hard time with installation, or is stuck in a tricky spot, we will come to their home, at no charge, and help out. For the customer who just wants to purchase flooring and have it professionally installed, we can do that, too. Come and see us.

Services Provided

  • Free Estimates
  • Flooring Consultation
  • Education: Tips and Tricks to install hardwood flooring
  • Moisture Testing
  • Retail Flooring Supplier/Showroom