Engineered hardwood


Engineered hardwood flooring could be your best material

If you prefer wood flooring but have specific needs, consider engineered hardwood flooring. These materials offer impressive visuals and outstanding performance. And they can last more than 30 years with professional installation.

Take time to consider all your options as you search for the perfect floor. Compare features with your list of requirements to find the best fit. These floors could be just what your home needs.

The beauty of engineered flooring

You'll get many of the same beautiful visuals with engineered wood flooring as you do with solid wood floors. Choose your species, stain color, finish, and more. You can also choose prefinished or site-finished materials, depending on your plans.

There are plenty of trends that could also complement your decor. Enjoy all the hottest looks to match any decor or build a new look from the floors up. Trending looks could remain current for many years, for an excellent lifespan.

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Durability that caters to your needs

Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice if flooring areas are damp, humid, or prone to spills. They aren't waterproof, but they offer more protection than solid wood flooring. Their layered construction features a top wear layer that also protects against wear.

As with solid wood, choosing a proper species is a great way to start. Even though the natural wood is only a veneer, it provides excellent protection. And it could work to add years to the lifespan.

Installation options and maintenance

Unlike solid wood, engineered floors offer a floating installation. But other options are available, depending on your need and subflooring materials. Once you select a product, we'll give you all the details on installation and what you can expect.

Maintaining engineered wood flooring is easy, too, especially with prefinished materials. Cleaning daily and catching spills as they happen are essential steps. If you have specific maintenance questions, ask an associate while you're here.
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