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Laminate Flooring Tulsa | Unclogging the leaves

Welcome to the wood guys podcast, episode number six of laminate flooring Tulsa. So this is your host, Steve Talking to you today. Coming to you live from my desk here at the wood guys showroom. So we’re going to be covering topics concerning laminate flooring, Tulsa. So right now if you notice this time of the year is fall and there are leaves changing colors and it’s fallen on the ground. A lot of people have gutters that get clogged with leaves. So one thing that causes a lot of damage to hardwood floors is just problems with water backing up in different places. So if you have leaves and debris, they clog up your glut gutters and you have a good chance of water backing up and causing a problem with your hardwood floors. So laminate, flooring, Tulsa, a good thing to do is to make sure, um, you know when you’re hanging your Christmas lights, you’re going to be up on a ladder anyway.

You might as well go through and check out your gutters and clean those out after you get all the debris taken out, the bulk of it, you can use a sprayer. And a garden hose and just get it all cleaned out. Nice. That way you can avoid some of the things that could block good drainage. You want to make sure gutters have great drainage around the house, that way nothing ever pools up or causes a problem. Laminate flooring Tulsa so they know that the thing we’re going to be talking about is just another way that water can affect wood flooring. Laminate flooring, Tulsa says you have a sprinkler on the outside of your house, and on the outside of your house, you can, um, notice your drainage. So if you know this is your drainage is going toward your house to where water can pool up against the base of your home and maybe around flower beds. Maybe you can look if in your sprinklers to the sprinkler system, if you have sprinklers up next to the house, laminate flooring in Tulsa, it could build up excess moisture there that we could get whipped in and caused damage to your wood flooring.

So I was up at a house a few months ago and some guy had his hardwood flooring, copying or it was a having a washboard effect Laminate Flooring Tulsa and he thought it was an installation problem and he wanted me to check it out to see if he could go back on his installers and get paid for any repairs that were done by faulty work. So I went over there and checked it out, took some moisture readings and everything in the home was fine except for the area where it was rippling. So started looking around and asked him if he had any leaks. He said No. And so went outside and looked around his house and around the base of his home and his flower bed and the drainage was going straight back towards

the slab laminate flooring in Tulsa. So what he did is he decided he would get all the mulch out from his flower beds. Uh, he brought in some dirt, some plastic on top of it, but the mulch back down and shed all the water away from the house and everything went back down. So his floors are still a little bit, um, COPD, but he’s trying to see if they can flatten out good enough to where he doesn’t have to pull anything out, but still a good chance that he might have to repair that section. Laminate flooring and Tulsa Laminate Flooring Tulsa So right now I’m just leaning back in my chair with my feet on the desk, got the computer up. It’s a slow day wouldn’t guys. It’s Thursday, November the 15th and we got all the guys out working, but there’s just not a lot going on in the office so I figured I make another little podcast here and talk about laminate flooring, Tolson, and some of the problems that water caused the floors. Have I ever said it in my podcasts and I know I have it? I’m not a big fan of laminate flooring, Tulsa, has a wood look. Vinyl planks would look like a core. Different types of cores are so much better than laminate flooring. Tulsa. There’s so much room for it to fail and you always see it sold that the cheaper stores it is good for do it yourself.

But, um,

getting ready to open up our new store and just about half a mile away to the West is just one block east of Mingo. Go off of 51st street right now they’re doing some final touch-up paints in the showroom. We’re going to be installing some floors over there.


looks like this weekend we’re going to be putting down the plywood subfloor and we’re going to start getting everything ready to lay out, wanting to be open by December 15th of this year. This year is 2019 and boy does time fly. So I started doing wood floors back with my uncle when I was 17 years old. My first day of wood flooring. I ran an edger all day and it addresses Sandra where you have to bend over and it’s heavy, an especially a little 17-year-old guy like myself. And at the end of the day, um, I was just so sore. My back hurt, and my legs hurt. He’s the muscles I never used before. And uh, I got home that night and I was thinking how I’m, how I’m going to tell my uncle that I can’t work for me anymore because it was just so hard. I think I could handle it, but after a week went by, it just got easier and easier and I started getting the feel for it.

Didn’t have to fight that as your machine as much. Plus it’s just fun being around my uncle and my cousin, they were really fun to be around Laminate Flooring Tulsa. So, uh, it’s been a long time. So I think I’ve seen just about every type of wood floor, every type of design, especially every trend. I think one of the worst trends that I’ve seen in hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring in Tulsa is the whitewash or pickled look that is sometimes called. That was done in the really early nineties, maybe even as the last part of the eighties. But, um, I remember even as late as a, I would say 98, 99 even doing some whitewashed floors. So the ideal way for it to a whitewash Florida and have a pickled effect, is a, you’d want something, at least a white oak that doesn’t have any colors going through.

So a select grade would be optimum sometimes when people will use ash or maple, that’s even better with that white wash finish. So what we’d have to do is after we sat on the floor and get it all ready before the white stain goes down, we bleach it with a bleach and after that stain it, so of the whitewash, you had to be really careful on the poly or things you use, laminate flooring, Tulsa, because if you put an oil-based stain then the finish has a good chance to amber discolor over time. Whereas if you use a water-based polyurethane, Laminate Flooring Tulsa they have no chance to amber or turn yellow, they stay clear. So that’s always the best way to go. So the pickled floors, um, they just, um, I think I’ve always looked the worst to me once they get a couple of years aware and he starts to wear through any of the Finnish starts to turn gray. And so it’s just, I’m not something very good, not something that I have ever thought was pretty.

Another thing I don’t like is I don’t like, well I can’t say I don’t like designs. Designs can really date a place incredibly fast. So some designs would be timeless, like a herringbone pattern or you know, things where you can make it consistent throughout the house. But when people will have us come in and just to a design in the entryway or in a dining room where we wrap a border around it and then put a design in there, um, it really does tend to date the floor. So in 2004, I built a house on a Waso and it wasn’t a maple floor. I’ve always wanted to maple the floor. And then I put a border in it. And the board was, there was a feature strip of Brazilian Cherry. Laminate Flooring Tulsa So it’s a very dark-colored redwood with a maple floor on each side of the cherry.

I used an element of the metal strip so it was very thin and it wasn’t very wide. Maybe it was only three-eights of an inch wide on each side of that Brazilian Cherry than everything else and maple, so it popped out really nice. But uh, we’re very cool, but a few years later after that trend went out, it was so dated, and to have to go in and replace it, it’s just more expensive and time-consuming than you’d want. So it’s there forever. Checked it out on Zillow the other day there are still some pictures up and they feature that little band going around there in that room and it’s embarrassing, but be careful with those trends. Laminate Flooring Tulsa, that could date. So that’s going to be here for episode number six, laminate flooring Tulsa. Thank you.
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