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Hey, this is steve with guys, and welcome to another podcast about laminate flooring Tulsa episode, maybe 14. Let’s check this one out. And so, okay, so just left the uh, silence key, looking for some pants, but I don’t think God is the cool pants. K, U H L, and I got some other ones that have zippers around the legs and stuff to turn into shorts pick up on that. Looks like I’m not buying any pants, which they had a rei here. Rei is pretty awesome. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to go back to the store, laminate flooring, Tulsa laminate to Florian, Tulsa and I’m going to go there and I’m going to empty a little bit of trash. I have the back of my truck and then after I empty the trash, I’m gonna load up with some hallmark flooring and do a delivery of an Awaso because they did not pick out laminate flooring in Tulsa.

They picked out some really awesome holler hardwood floors that are engineered and made by hallmark is a chaperone collection. So homework is awesome. We love him. And now our supplier on the other hand, uh, they got some problems with communication and do an orders right and things like that. But the actual hardware hallmark company is awesome. It’s just the distributor that we have to use to buy him. Um, you know, Laminate Flooring Tulsa the sales rep that we had has gone and really took good care of us and made sure communication was good. Um, now we don’t have that. So it’s whatever, right? We’re still providing you with. One of the best floors made in the United States is the hallmark flooring and homework does not have any laminate flooring in Tulsa at all. So laminate flooring, Tulsa, you’re not going to find any laminate floors in our showroom at all.

Laminate flooring, Tulsa. So either you go home, Mark Flores, we are the number one homework floor dealer in the state of Oklahoma. In fact, we are called the spotlight dealer. It means that we have all of their lines 100 percent and we sell all of them all the time. Now they do have a couple of lines that don’t sell as much because they are crazy expensive, like their organic collections. They have some really cool organic flooring with the distressing and look is so unique and pretty and come up with a lifetime warranty and it’s a hard wax oil finish instead of urethane. So grateful. Really pretty and it doesn’t look plastic. Laminate Flooring Tulsa is all like sometimes finish can. I think a lot of the finished manufacturers have tried to get away from the plastic elected. Give something a little bit warmer. You know when you go with a satin finish, you’re always going to get a more warm-looking floor.

So anyway, I’m getting ready to take a left on the memorial right off of 68th street where the shopping center is for sentence ski. I’m leaving there right now scratching my knee. I’ve been listening to 21 pilots before podcasts. That new album. Yeah, trenches. When I first listened to it, I was like, eh, but um, now like every song in it I love, I love all the lyrics. Twenty-one Pilots has, I think really this band Twentyone Pilots Laminate Flooring Tulsa is, got to beat the best brand out there for real. I mean, they are phenomenal. The lyric writing alone is awesome. I’m not a fan of performers that are just um, you know, singers. I like people that can actually have talented enough to write their own music, um, ride through their lyrics and put it together themselves. And that’s something that this band does and it’s not just that it’s the message they have and anyone can listen to 21 pilots and is appropriate.

You don’t even have to look for a clean version of their song. Uh, you can play it at any church dance. Um, it’s, an amazing, amazing band. And so I would a laminate flooring, marine, Tulsa. Besides all of that. I mean, their music sounds good. It makes you feel good, good messages and you just listened to the lyrics and oh my gosh, that’s great. So I have a fun time getting geeked out on this band and reading all the back stories and the history and knowing the meaning behind every song and trying to figure it out and it’s fun. So I just went to their concert in Dallas and it was at the American Airlines Center, which I guess is a really Laminate Flooring Tulsa old venue and a very steep. It’s like, you feel like you’re going to fall down the whole thing. But we were in the nosebleeds but we still got to be there and see the best band in the world perform.

And it was a great show. So I would like to see them every time they perform every tour. And we ended up buying almost $300 worth of concerts. Swagged between the four of us that went with my two youngest sons, and my wife and we had a really good time. We drove down to Dallas after lunch and we ended up getting home around 4:00 in the morning and so life let the kids skip school the next day. And uh, it was great and I went back to work. And who cares about sleep when you get to see something so awesome. So now I’m at 61st and Sheraton and uh, I’m heading back to the wood guys showroom laminate flooring in Tulsa and where I’m going to load up some hallmark flooring in the back of my truck. I’m gonna. Take it off the pallet and everything. That way I don’t have to come back all the way to Tulsa to throw away a pallet or some trash and things like them and take care of that all here.

It kind of makes it a little bit easier on me. A little bit more of a pain in the rear to load it. But after, after that, you know, it’s totally worth it not to have to worry about trash or plastic or anything bone around or just hanging out in the back of your check when I go into my little road trip to Branson, gonna stay there in a cabin on the lake. Some family has some good Thanksgiving gonna check out silver dollar city. Um, you know, maybe when I’m driving going around the Alice, Laminate Flooring Tulsa I’ll find myself a pair of pants. They’re maybe saving it for that, so that could be kind of cool. So, laminate flooring, Tulsa laminate flooring, Tolson, see what’s there. Maybe some shoes and a couple of pairs of pants would be awesome. Right? So passing by the Tfcu Bank. I’ve got two cars there for the lien holder or a memorial.

My payment payments there. Seems like a pretty good bank. They’re nice and they’re got good security. Like I got a police officer in the bank, which is cool. I like that. Um, so, um, you know, it’s a little bit in the middle of nowhere, not the most convenient thing, but I really don’t care. I just walk in and pay my payment once a month and that’s good enough. So, um, I would go through this unlimited car wash right now if I didn’t have a little bit of trash in the back of my truck, Laminate Flooring Tulsa but you can’t go through a carwash trashing your drug. It’ll fly all around and get over everything. So we don’t want to have any of that going on. So got the American flag flying over and come and go. So that’s full into come ago. And uh, let’s get a treat for the day, you know, it’s almost lunch.

So 1136. The only thing is I don’t really want to go into, come and go talk to him on my podcast, on my phone here. So I’m gonna hang outside for a little bit and I’m going to be talking on the phone and I’m going to be talking about laminate flooring. Tulsa. Go in to come and go. Come and go. Has a great selection of Sodas. This is one of their go fresh market stores. It’s the newer. It is not trashy at all, like a lot of the common goals are. It’s, it’s cool, it’s modern, it’s clean, it’s got a great layout. Everything about it is, is great. They’ve got a really great selection of snacks and food. There. A piece of pizza is always awesome. Um, have you ever been hungry? You just want a quick, Laminate Flooring Tulsa some quick food come into come and go here on 61st and memorial and uh, check it out and get a soda.

Get some pizzas. I know they have like dollar slice Wednesday or something like that. So, you know, um, it’s always cheaper to buy a whole pizza and get the slices that way, but you know, when you’re on the go, you’re not going to buy a whole pizza or you know, you’re just going to go in and get something quick to eat. But I’ve been eating junk food my whole life. Uh, yes, stations my whole life of course. But, you know, ever since I’ve been doing wood floors, it’s just a thing you to use. You go into a gas station and you get a soda, you get a hamburger or a pizza or a burrito or a breakfast sandwich, you know, whatever they got in there is what you’re going to do. And it’s fast. It’s easy, Laminate Flooring Tulsa it’s a lot better than going to a restaurant and having to sit down or you’re going through a fast food place.

Um, I just have always found the gas station is much more convenient. One of the things I don’t like going to laminate flooring in a gas station or um, fast food places that, um, they fill your water. Like they usually get your soda wrong. And like if you’re, I used to be like massively addicted to the diet Dr. Pepper and so if they, if they got a regular Dr. Pepper or switched it out with diet coke or a Diet Pepsi would make me furious. Laminate Flooring Tulsa then I have to go around into the, uh, into the restaurant itself and dump it out and fill it up with the right stuff. So, you know, you got to the gas station, get your own stuff. If you’re the kind of guy that likes to adulterate your flavors, you can put a shot of vanilla or you shot a cherry or whatever trips your trigger yet in their laminate flooring, Tulsa and you can make your flavor just the way you want it to make.

So it was a lot of land around this. Come and go on the south of it, you know, I bet someday maybe there’s a business in there. I have a hope that Tulsa can continue to grow. And I’d like to see some economy happen here. I know Amazon and whirlpool or whoever, Laminate Flooring Tulsa Macy's is coming in and bringing some jobs. So that’ll be nice. But, you know, I’d rather have more than just those factory-type jobs. I would like to have seen something cool come in, you know, the airlines have left, the tech communities have left and tell us, this seems like it’s corrupt. It’s just the rest of the state, they can’t afford anything. They can afford great infrastructure or you know, just regular old maintenance that’s pretty lame. Uh, we are in one of the poorest states in the nation.

We’re always in the bottom ranking of everything. I’m not a Republican, I’m not a democrat. I’m registered, and independent and I like to vote for whoever I think is the best candidate for the job. So it’s sad that Oklahoma is a, uh, it just feels like there’s just a lot of corruption going on. It’d be nice to have a state that could be on top of things and take care of itself. But I guess, uh, the states are mostly poor states. It’s hard to keep a good teacher here. They always got better offers in Arkansas and Texas. You can’t blame them. So education could be a lot better. I think if we could just improve on our education and get some, some jobs here, you know, bring the economy and the state would shoot up. It’s all about keeping people here that are smart and have jobs for him. And that’s the way to really grow an economy. Laminate Flooring Tulsa So maybe if the state could give companies that do tech or you know, whatever brings more than just grunt labor.
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