FAQs about luxury vinyl flooring installation

Congratulations on choosing luxury vinyl flooring! The next step is a luxury vinyl flooring installation that adds the finishing touch.

We know you'll have questions if you're new to flooring installation. So, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers for you to consider.

Can you float a luxury vinyl floor?
Yes, luxury vinyl offers a floating floor installation that you can walk on as soon as installed. This installation works with many subfloors and existing floor coverings with outstanding results.

How long does the installation service take?
For most average-sized remodels, installing vinyl flooring can take a single day. However, a vast remodel or specific architectural considerations could take longer.

Can you nail down luxury vinyl?
Nailing down luxury vinyl can damage the flooring and void your warranty all at the same time. Floating and gluing the products are the best installation methods, regardless of subflooring.

Does luxury vinyl need an underpadding?
Underpadding is always a great addition unless it's already attached to your materials. It increases comfort while suppressing noise, with plenty of other benefits.

Can you install luxury vinyl in a herringbone pattern?
Your luxury vinyl flooring installation can be arranged in a herringbone pattern. It adds incredible visual effects and style for impressive results in any room.

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