Fayetteville wood flooring. Proper cleaning techniques

Fayetteville wood flooring | Proper cleaning techniques

Welcome once again to say to bill wood flooring.

Yeah. This morning I talked a little bit about proper cleaning techniques on your hardwood floor, Fayetteville wood flooring so in the end of inclined to educate the customer. Also, put guys in understanding the value of educating the customer has the integrity and the warranty for the valid and in place for as long as the floor. So first thing here at the FAA, Bill Wood floor flooring is proper maintenance of a hardwood flooring. Here at Vanderbilt employee, there are different types of flooring and different types of finish that require different maintenance or cleaning products.

Let’s first talk about just the regular aluminum oxide finish. Most of the limit of oxide finishes are what they called me with spraying or just a typical cleaner is all you really need to do along with the desktop, so here at Vaco, but employing what we recommend on a prefinished hardwood floor with the aluminum oxide finishes just daily, just to keep the grit and the grime kind of off of the floor. That’s one of the biggest causes of where there’s just the grit, the daily bread that comes in, not getting off, getting ground down into the pinch, so that’s probably the most important thing. You can do it. That other thing that you identify as the first check with the manufacturer warranty. See if there’s a specific cleaner that they recommend, whether it is their own personal cleaner or a leader that’s out there on the market here at Fayetteville employee, we have a cleaner that we use and recommend what’s good for all types of flooring. It’s just a Ph neutral cleaner, which means it’s not acidic and doesn’t need it. The finish, it has no type of wax or president of needs on the floor after it’s done cleaning, so that’s one of the Fayetteville wood flooring big, big important part to bill wood flooring in cleaning and maintenance is making sure that there’s no residue left on the floor if give it a shine or knowledge or anything like that. What happens, and this is true for all finishes or most finishes here at Datavail, wood flooring and wood ties, is making sure that there’s no film left on the floor.

A lot of people will say they can use a that tends to one solution of white vinegar and water and that is true. That is a good cleaner, but over time it could become a. He ended up. That solution gets too strong. It, it really becomes a civic and cutting into the finish and weight any warranty. So again, here at Fayetteville wood flooring to make sure that our clients are educated on the type of leaders and maintenance you on their horse, so that’s a. that’s an aluminum oxide finish. The same holds true for a UV-cured finish. Sometimes the manufacturer recommends the cleaning products, products for their particular type of the floor. If they do it is recommended that you use it. They’re cleaner. That way if it ever comes back, there’s a problem with the finish on the floor. You never followed up later. The team and using that kind of makes it a nonissue.

It’s not a clean product that you’ve been using. So again, here at bay, Bill Wood flooring and what guys education is making sure the customer, the client knows, there are other types of finish on is what we call the heart box. Oil Hall Bark floors. They have a type of finish similar to the heart box. It’s called the new oil. It requires a different thing that’s programmed on it. They have a specific cleaner slash maintenance oil that’s applied on the floor. So for example, with a hallmark floor that has a boil, what they call a hardback. So a new all finished is they recommend every for three months, you’ll clean it, regular desk often and the cleaner that they specify and then that fourth month of the first time you clean it, you’re going to use the, uh, what they call a new oil. And what that does is it sinks down into the grades, Fayetteville wood flooring would in a backup with that, that world that makes oil and continues the warranty on that floor and hears them.

And Fayetteville wood flooring. It’s a, it’s important that the client understands that with this type of flooring. As far as the manufacturer goes, they’re able to test and see the type of maintenance that choose how, how long it’s been sent to maintenance, all this has been applied on that, or if there’s not enough to all may dissolve on that floor, I could void the warranty to get so. It’s highly recommended that you check the manufacturer warranty, check their instructions, not make sure that you’re following them just to make sure that in the future there are no warranty provinces every cost by the Fayetteville bill, wood flooring and what guys, we want to make sure that education is the primary thing customers know how to take care of. Then again, just general typical day daily maintenance and we tried desk mop, just getting the grip off the floors.

Another important thing that you’ll need to do is place door mats on the inside and outside of the doors. That’s gonna. Kinda knock off some of that. That saying that there is a grant that people pray in other shoes. Personally, I didn’t put a floor in my house to take my shoes off and walk around with florists is meant to be walked onto used. Depending on the type of finish that you’re using, you could get faster where on some versus others with specific looks that you’re trying to achieve.

You’re gonna need to use different types of finishes with 12 require different treatments programs, Fayetteville wood flooring so the fact that wood flooring and wood guys are trying to make everyone aware and become educated about hardwood floors know sometimes it just doesn’t work in certain people’s situations for all hardwood floor and they might need a different type of story. How that would be more suitable to what they are trying to achieve. Even though they might want a specific product habit. Not to say they can’t have it. It just might not be the right product. So you have to stand the test of time. So again, hey flory, make sure that the customer is educated about maintenance, cleaning, humidity, temperatures, moisture, and contents. Those are all important here in Florida, making a chunk of customers happy and educated. So our main goal, so if you’re trying to find a hardwood floor or just need some advice and education, but the wood flooring put guys, thanks again for listening. Have a great evening.