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Hey, this is steve with what guys and I want to thank you for listening to our podcast. This is going to be laminate flooring Tulsa episode number two. I just wanted to talk a little bit about the pros and cons of laminate flooring, Tulsa. Um, so, you know, laminate floors have been popular for so many years. I remember right about in the late nineties when it was extremely popular. We were small, a company on our, on our own, and um, it was hard to compete against a lot of the laminate floors, um, and the laminate flooring Tulsa and that came into the market just because it was so cheap and affordable and uh, people were just wanting to get rid of the carpet, uh, as quickly as possible, you know, getting their carpet out in a weekend and the laminate flooring Tulsa was just a great option, a, you know, to get that out.

So I’m just to go over some of the pros and cons of laminate flooring. Let’s just start with the kitchen. You know, so in kitchen laminate flooring, Intel says it’s a popular choice for anyone that wants the aesthetic of a wood floor, um, it’s a little bit cheaper than the vinyl sheeting flooring and if you have a more of a limited budget and it’s a good place to start. So the pros that you would find in some of the laminate floorings in Tulsa would be a, it’s a little bit more visually appealing than sheet vinyl. Uh, it’s more affordable than hardwood or some of the luxury vinyl tiles or other common things that you see in kitchens. I’m like the industrial-grade carpet and things like that. For the DIY installation, it’s moderately, um, easier to install. For the DIY, do-it-yourselfers, um, I think this is the main market that you’ll see.

Laminate flooring, Tulsa. I’m using a laminate flooring Tulsa, a professional installation on the nationwide average is about plus or minus $4 to fifty cents a square foot. I know in the Tulsa market it’s going to be a lot less. Um, you know, we would charge $2 and fifty cents a square foot to $3 a square foot to install than laminate flooring, ceramic tile, just on the labor, you know, you might end up to, you know, I would say eight to $14 a square foot depending on if it’s ceramic to a natural stone. Another thing about laminate flooring in Tulsa is that laminate floors, do resist scratches, dents, and stains, and they can be cleaned very easily with a desk mop or a damp cloth when you need to. They do resist fading. You won’t see defects like no holes or things like that. Like you occasionally can in a hardwood floor.

That’s a natural product. It’s a little bit softer and warmer under your foot. And a ceramic tile would be, or a concrete or stone. And it’s a wide selection when you have that photo would or that an imitation wood, like the laminate flooring, Tulsa is, there’s a lot of choices, you know, um, the two, those two primary types, that tile and wood fo would look, um, you know, they will, they will try to mimic natural products, um, and they do stand up to water. I’m moderately better than some types of hardwood, um, and that would be a solid hardwood floor and not to be confused with any type of engineered which are extremely stable. The cons, um, and I will touch on, um, a laminate floor, laminate flooring, Tulsa will never look like real hardware. Florida will never look like a real natural stone or a ceramic tile.

They do have fairly good HD graphics, but to Mimic, um, they just can’t, they can never look like the real thing. They are susceptible to warping and staining from standing water, you know, hardwood floor does to the solids do. But, um, once the laminate flooring and laminate flooring Tulsa is stained or warped, I mean, that’s it. You have to replace those planks, which is another common. It’s very hard to replace a plank and a floating floor clicked together like laminate flooring. Tulsa is, um, just because when you tear out a plank, um, you lose the tongue and groove and the clicker, the clicking mechanism. So we will, we will typically find some type of specialty seeming tape that’s meant to repair and it’s, and the integrity is never as good. You’ll get more movement out of any of the boards you replace. They can never be refilling refinished like a solid hardwood floor can, a lot of the engineered floors on the market, you know, they have ratings to where you can sand it and finish like how a lot of hallmark flooring this really popular and engineered and you can sand and finish them, you know, at least twice, sometimes even more.

It’s a very loud product. So when you’re walking on a laminate floor, laminate flooring, Tulsa, you will notice that it’s very cliquey sounding. And so when a hard sole, heels, things like that are warren across, you’ll see how you’ll notice or hear a difference, uh, on how loud they, they click or echo. Um, I would think the best option for a kitchen, you know, um, or any wet area for that matter. If it’s a real concern, um, especially people will have their peds fenced off and the kitchen while they’re out to work in a day or you know, they go out at night though, they’ll box there is fence off their kitchen area and have their pet stay in there. Well, if you were to have a wood look waterproof floor, um, it, it just wouldn’t matter if they have pigs, had accidents. Um, if you had a kitty bowl or a dog bowl spillover, Laminate Flooring Tulsa it wouldn’t matter at all.

You could come back the next night or whenever and just wipe it up and it’s good to go. Laminate Flooring Tulsa, I see a lot of homes that are fairly high-priced homes with the great options of the wood look, vinyl flooring, that’s I’m taking the laminate flooring out of the market or the laminate flooring, laminate flooring. Tulsa is losing a lot of holds when this or luxury vinyl plank or we’ll look. Vinyl flooring has come in. Um, you can, uh, you can go through an entire house from the garage entrance into the kitchen, into the pantry, and to the utility into the bathrooms. People are bringing it through their living rooms with the open house floor plans, and you can have that same wood look vinyl floor, go through the entire house, not have to switch from tile to would the carpet. And um, you can get a, a lot of these residential wood look vinyl floors, um, you know, with lifetime warranties on the finish, uh, which means you’ll never wear through, uh, with normal traffic you’ll never wear through that clear coat.

Any type of floor you put down, it doesn’t matter what it is and can be scratched, can be scuffed. If you don’t ever want to just drag heavy pieces of furniture, you don’t want to try to abuse them and see how much they can take. You always want to be careful sawing on any type of floor, even Laminate Flooring Tulsa, you want to make sure that you have felt pads on the bottom of them. You want to make on all your furniture. What I like to do is, uh, I like to recommend that people will take the buttons, the little metal or plastic buttons off the bottom, and the furniture legs and replace those, um, with just a felt pad that will stick to it. Now there are some places where you can buy felt pads that will cover laminate flooring and Tulsa. Uh, we’ll go right on the legs as far as a sit inside of the pad itself.

So we’ll have a cup and the legs will sit. So if you have a bar stool or some type of a kitchen chair that will be going in and out. If you just use the sticky pad, they can tend to come off. But whereas if you have, one of the felt pads that sits in a cup, then uh, it will, it will stay on very well. I found something from a big box store a couple of months ago where you can actually hammer them into the bottom of a wooden chair. Laminate Flooring Tulsa, I replaced all mine with those, with those type because they, they have a little cup with a hammer with a little, oh, a metal pan at the bottom of them, you can tell them in there and they just don’t slide around and I’ve probably had them on for six months now and they’re still in great shape and haven’t slid off.

So I’m impressed with that. And I would think any floor you wanted to use those types of felt pads on that would be great. Especially laminate flooring, and Tulsa-type floors. So, um, let me see what else we’re going to cover. Um, I think what I’ll do is I’ll wait for the next podcast. I’m not sure, appreciate the time you’ve spent listening to me talk about laminate flooring, Tulsa, and some of the pros and cons about laminate flooring, Tulsa versus other types of floors that are available. Please note the wood guys are, you were wood flooring professionals. We really try to make sure that the customer has the best experience in town. Uh, whether you’re in the Tulsa area in Oklahoma or you’re in the Springdale, Arkansas area in Arkansas, we would love to hear from you. We would love to have you call and talk about any types of floors and if you’ve had been researching laminate flooring in Tulsa, we’d like to visit with you and show you something that you could be a lot happier with. Thank you.