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Hey, this is Steve with wood guys, and welcome to my podcast laminate flooring Tulsa, episode number. Let’s say 12. Okay, so laminate flooring, Tulsa. That’s what we’re talking about. But before we talk about laminate flooring in Tulsa, let’s talk about, uh, what’s going on today. Today is Wednesday. It’s uh, November the 21st Thanksgiving’s right around the corner here. And um, you know, thanksgiving, Turkeys. He is Turkey. Really that great. I know what’s the tradition, but usually, it’s dry, kind of not the best tasting meat in the world. I mean under there, have a ham any day. So Ham with a little bit of spicy butter sauce or just a glazed ham was so good. So good. Now if I’m eating Turkey, you know, I know there are so many ways to prepare jerky. It could be deep-fried, it could be baked, but it’s whatever. I’m not even going to have to worry about it this year because we’re going to the Branson Bell and Branson some boat where you eat dinner and we’re going to be their thanksgiving day and we’re going to eat Thanksgiving dinner on the things on the brands and bells.

So laminate flooring, Tulsa. Going to enjoy that. Got to show a last time. The show was really funny. There was an old lady that played the Violin and climb around on curtains. Um, did stun on curtains. Pretty Weird, but it was funny and memorable. And uh, the band that they had planned was a Kinda like a fried Oh, rock thing. A bunch of old dudes, losers. But overall a fun time. So a laminate flooring, Tulsa weather is 55 degrees outside and I’m driving down Sheridan road. I’m pretty much done for the day. I’m going to go see if I can find some new pants. And I like to wear Prana pants because they are comfortable, a little bit stretchy. Laminate Flooring Tulsa they got a guest at it, the seam in the middle and a very comfortable. They were expensive, they were like 90 bucks. But last time I was like, I can’t justify spending 90 bucks on a pair of pants.

I went and bought two pairs of Levi’s. Um, I got to have them for 90 bucks, so the price was great. But the thing is with Levi’s is they are just not comfortable and they’re tighter on the legs, get ingrown hairs, uh, you know, so I would rather not wear Levi’s if I don’t have to or any other type of jeans. I like the planet ones. Very stretchy, very comfortable. Blue Jeans, they got a little bit of polyester, mostly denim, a little bit of polyester mix, and bendable. Laminate Flooring Tulsa is very nice when you got to walk around all day long and always move around. Needs some comfortable clothes. Now. There was a time in my life laminate flooring in Tulsa when I would not wear blue jeans at all. I would buy hiker pants. You find it like a, the backwoods story. You find sun and ski or Rei really got into those types of pants.

But I mean he always looked like you’re a hiker. So comfortable. But you know, that’s what that was. Now, laminate flooring, Tulsa passing by a chimney hill subdivision here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, laminate flooring, Tulsa and big old neighborhood, uh, on the heels, kind of pretty. Laminate Flooring Tulsa this whole section of town has some bigger houses on the west side where you have that signal hill, a lot of cool houses on the other side of the hill, you know, on the east side of Sheridan, a lot of older houses where you see sandstone but very well kept and it was kind of Nice. So that’s what’s up in Tulsa, Oklahoma laminate flooring, Tulsa. I’m doing this podcast, talking about the wood floor is trying to make my webpage searchable with Google and you know, have more content. That’s always an important thing. So the more content we can provide, the better it is.

But at the end of the day, we just want to get in front of people more than our competition. We want to have a chance to give an estimate and educate people because really education is the biggest deal. So even though I’m saying laminate flooring, Tulsa, my deal is I want to show you a floor that’s the best for you. I want to educate the customer, I want to provide material that will not perform well, but we’ll look cool. It will be the look that you want will perform the best and will be attached the right way for you because you know sometimes the floor should be glued down directly to a concrete slab. Sometimes the floors should only be nailed in depending on the conditions of the slab and how much money it takes to do any type of leveling or things of that nature. Sometimes the floor does need to float, so say if you have a tile floor or something that just can’t come out and doesn’t make sense financially, Laminate Flooring Tulsa you can just put it down on a pad first.

A dense sound-deadening pad that will go down first also has some vapor barrier properties, and then you can go right on top of that with a floating-type floor. So most any engineer-type floor will work great. Even would look like waterproof flooring or the LP fleet. Help LVP floors work. Good Laminate Flooring Tulsa. So I mean you can really have some great options and it just depends on what you need. Now I know a lot of salesmen, a lot of our competition, they want to come in and move a certain product because they buy a whole bunch of product at a deep discount and they try to sell that, um, and try to tell you this is what she needed to work best, but we don’t ever do that. We don’t ever buy bulk materials. If we’re buying bulk material, it’s just going to be our finished products or plywood with something that will be used or even glues.

But as far as the floors themselves never buy anything bulk and try to blow anything out because it’s just not a great way to do business in our opinion. Some people are always looking for a blowout and always trying to get a cheap price. But I don’t have a problem with that. I can understand the value of that. So laminate flooring in Tulsa, we want you to have the best floor, for you. Laminate Flooring Tulsa hopefully it’s not always price-driven, but if it needs to be price-driven then we can also find products that will work well for price-driven clients and needs. So like I say, I’m heading northbound on Sheridan. Today’s the last day that guys will be open, uh, over, over the Thanksgiving break. We’ll be back open on Monday. Um, I do have some guys coming into the new showroom to install some flooring samples just because, um, after Thanksgiving Day when they got family in town, uh, kind of get annoyed and they want to get us to get out and do something.

I’ve got a guy that just wants to get out and work, so that’s great. We got some work for him to do. Laminate Flooring Tulsa, so it’s all about driving down Sheridan right now, looking at these houses, just passing the House that looks like a barn. I’m kind of a fad that happened, but a while ago with some people really thought Barnes would be the great way to go, but kind of outdated, you know, they just barn wood house might be more fitting in a country setting instead of right in the middle of a subdivision. But you know, whatever. Variety’s the spice of life. Right? So now I’m going past this and Mr. Clean carwash on 71st. And Sheridan, it’s been here for a long time. It looks like there’s, they’re always packed so I’ve never had my car clean there because normally I’ll just wash the car myself, but I actually have a membership at an unlimited carwash.

He just goes through the tunnel all you want. You can go through however many times you like to in a month and it’s always the same flat rate. So I love to do that. If I can drive through that car wash two or three times a week and my car is always clean, never get a buildup of muck and dust and all that kind of stuff. And mostly me. It’s nice to have your car looking good. So I was also a Walgreens, southern agriculture standing optical. The summit squares right here too. They got a subway in there. So, subway man, you remember when the subway was huge in the early nine days fan for quite a while. Subway was there, but I’m now. Laminate Flooring Tulsa Then everybody wants to a slice of that subway action. You got firehouse subs, Jimmy John’s, and all of those kinds of places. But a subway really was the one that started all of that sandwich franchises.

So I mean I’ve had so many subway sandwiches in my life. I don’t care if I never went again, but if I had to assure would kind of like the double chicken breast footlong, split it in half and share it with the wife and get a bag of chips and a soda. It’s pretty nice. So, um, Laminate Flooring Tulsa now I’m passing by 61st right now. Only got a mile to go till I hit a farm shopping center where I’m going to look for some of those Prana pants, laminate flooring, tell us. And I hope they have my size. It seemed like every time I go there, um, they have pants made for big boys, which is ironic because you’re not going to see big boys hiking, warranting the need in any type of those closing. But it just seems like anything my size gets sold out immediately.

But we’re going to see how it goes. You know, I wouldn’t mind having a pair of shoes to walk around silver dollar city and a new pair of shoes that are, you know, something comfy instead of my fancy Cole Haans and I’m wearing around her and I like to look good when I’m out and about giving estimates. So, uh, hey, have you ever eaten at Mandarin taste and Tulsa? That’s a great authentic Chinese restaurant. I love it. So good. They’ve had a remodel and they got hot pot there. You know, I’ve had hot pot in China. I’ve had it here, but you know, hot pots, are not my thing. Um, you know, some people just think it’s so great, but I’d really not like to have boiled everything. Laminate Flooring Tulsa I’m black. I’d rather have me some compound chicken or you know, something else like that green bean pancake, all those kinds of delicious things rather than a hot pot.

But if hotpot thing, awesome, I would encourage you to go there, whether you like hot pot or not, get something great because I’m really telling you this is the best Chinese restaurant in town, that mandarin taste and you know, laminate flooring, Tulsa. So I’m hoping when I’m about to the end of this podcast right now, because I’m at 10:39, so it’s going to bring me up to 11 minutes by the time I rapped out. So I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and I’m going to be doing a little bit more talking. Um, you know, trying to make more podcasts, make more content, laminate flooring, Tulsa, and uh, have a blessed day.