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Hey, this is steve was with the guys I want to, what can we do? Youtube my episode number. Let’s just call this 1:13 laminate flooring in Tulsa. So a laminate flooring tells, just want to let you know what I did today. So you’ve been listening to my last podcast as going to the farm, to the two backwoods to find me a pair of pants, but you know what, the prenup pants have been carried there for a while. So I’m just going to run by Sun and ski. Oh. And see what they got. So, you know, like a nice pair of pants that feel good on me. Not like the old Levi’s. So I’m going to cruise up there if they don’t have anything, uh, well, I’ll get back to work and do some deliveries of some prefinished homework, flooring, laminate flooring in Tulsa, something degrees up there now and go check that out.

So, um, anyway, let’s talk about what I’m doing right now. I’m driving down, I’m going to say this is 51st Street. I’m going to hit go hit memorial, then I’m going to hand up the ski, uh, southbound. And I’m going to see if they got any pants, so laminate flooring in Tulsa. So there’s a brick fence on the side of the road that I’m looking at, which on the back side of it has a wooden fence now the brick fence, you know, I don’t really understand why they put up a brick fence because it seems like with time they always get wavy a break apart and they just never get repaired. I’m sure the maintenance is high because like if you want to repair it then it’s hard to find the same kind of brick. It looks patchy. So I don’t think I would ever spend the money or even care or want a brick fence.

It looks like a lot of these people leave a one or two-foot space from that brick fence. And then they put a wooden fence right behind it. So I’m sure they don’t like looking at that brick fence from, from the back of their house. They’d rather see a wooden fence. Something that can be maintained and not all broken down looking as you see from the road. And so I don’t know if that would be something you pay for as part of your neighborhood, what do they call that year in fees that you had to pay dues, neighborhood dues or maintenance dudes or whatever they are. But I was kind of weird. So I’d rather not to even buy a house if I had to have something like that. But, you know, maybe if the house was right, I might put a wooden fence and not even look at it.

But it’d be sad to have to pay those dues to maintain the fence. It doesn’t get maintained. And so, um, right now I’m passing by the CVS and there’s a building behind it called Vasa fitness laminate flooring so that they. Oh, it looks like it could’ve been a supermarket or something, but it seems like that’s the thing here in Tulsa and everything goes out of business. And then they either put a supermarket or a church or anything in, uh, industrial place. So whatever. Right. You know, whatever works, makes money, whatever. Laminate Flooring Tulsa It doesn’t make money, it goes out of business. So I was just thinking about the town, I live in an Awaso restaurant, it seems like restaurants come and go, they’re a ton just because, you know, who knows why, but like they built a brand new dairy queen there and it was a really nice building, but you know, the Dairy Queen is always been kind of a trashy place and so when they put this nice new looking place, even though it was nice and new looking and I don’t think anyone wanted to go there just because they knew or past experience with dairy queen does have dumpy.

They are, I don’t know if it’s a franchise thing where they don’t require very much out of your building or whatever. But I mean it’s a dairy queen, Laminate Flooring Tulsa, right? Definitely a thing of the seventies and eighties that is that we’re so no more dairy queen now. It’s a dialysis center. So I’m laminate flooring Tulsa. I don’t know if I’m going to have enough time to uh, I kinda don’t like putting my podcasts on pause. I’ll just go ahead and keep talking about it. Now there’s a sandwich place called the which, which kind of a play on words, but you know, that’s kind of cool. Next to t mobile to mobile Mazda deals with carry-out delivery and so the cheapest auto insurance next to all these on the other side and pet supplies plus and the Ga Bay and hooters and I went into hooters once with my cousin because he had never been there and wanted to see what it was all about.

So when in with them and I’m not very impressed and the food was not good, not an alcohol drinker. So Laminate Flooring Tulsa it wasn’t meant for me and I’m the main reason a lot of guys go in there for the hooters, but whatever. Um, let’s see. Got a car next to me that’s a Subaru. Just saw a commercial for a Subaru the other day and is, are supposed to have great, you know, all-wheel drive and all this all the time. And you know, they’re just not pretty cars. Now there is the Subaru Deborah Wrx, which is pretty awesome. But the other ones that look like a station wagon, I don’t really know what the appeal is there. Um, but yeah, if you want to look like a grandma driving around a car, go for it. But you know, they are safe. I hear I got four all-wheel drives all the time, which I guess is pretty cool.

Um, where we are, it’s really not an issue, not something you need, but maybe a week out of the year at the most and hardly ever snows anymore. Maybe it’s good for the rain or just slipping and sliding around. So I mean, I don’t care, it’s not for me, but if someone else wants it, you’re right. I got a cousin that bought a Subaru and loves it. So that’s cool. I guess there’s something for everybody, right? So I’ve got a truck passing by me. It’s a Chevrolet Silverado. Our separate Chevrolet Silverado. Which truck is better than any other Ford Chevy Dodge the Toyotas. You know what my opinion. Doesn’t matter. Just pick a color you like. I pick out a truck, I drive the dodge, I’ve got the lariat edition. I like it because it’s comfortable. I’m a little dude and I like how the seats are, like have a steering wheel, feels it’s got heat and steam, heated steering wheel and seeds, which you know, was a huge selling point for me just because it’s a, it’s a comfort and it’s fun to get into the track when you have a warm enough for you outside and come in and you got a nice warm steering wheel and the seat feels good on the cold hands.

So, um, I like a dog just because of the way it looks on the inside. And I like how it looks on the outside. They’re just a little sleeker. I have had Ford, I’ve had Chevy’s, um, I never owned a Toyota, but my son has one and he likes it a lot. But if I’m going to pick a truck out, I’m going to have to pick a track that I can actually work in. So I’m going to need a truck that has an eight-foot bed. So that rules out a lot of trucks instantly. If you don’t have an eight-bit eight-foot bed, then it’s hard to carry around flooring materials. So that’s why I do it because we are laminate flooring Tulsa, we are the wood guys with laminate flooring in Tulsa and so, you know, I’m pulling up to sun and ski right now and I am at almost seven minutes so I’m going to sit in the parking lot.

I’m going to face away from the sons. I’m going to take a left to kind of swing out a little bit apart by a blue BMW. So BMW is always been a cool car. I wish I could afford one but I can’t. I don’t make that kind of money. So know that when you’re talking to would guys, you’re not talking to a guy that can afford a laminate flooring Tulsa and you know, I mean I wouldn’t be able to afford the drug that I’m driving if it wasn’t for the company buying it because it’s a work truck, something that you need. But it is kind of cool that we get a nice interior and nicer gray. You know, I’m in the truck all day. It’s kind of like the mobile office driving the diesel. I’ve preferred diesel over gas just because of A. Well, a lot of people will buy it because of the longevity, but I like it because the gas mileage is pretty awesome in this three-quarter ton dodge, a double cab that I have an eight-foot bed.

I’m going to get between 19 to 21 gallons a mile on the road. Uh, which is great for a big old truck. And, I would attribute that to having the Nice Cummins diesel engine. It gets good gas mileage and it just sounds cool. It’s fun to have a diesel, but I’m a little bit more expensive to buy diesel fuel, which is opposite my first diesel truck I got one of the main buying factors is just diesel was so much cheaper than gas. So things are the flip flop of course, once I want something and changes. So that’s the way life is, right? So I’m Bogo, Bogo, shoes of the ski. So buy one and get 1:50 percent off, which really isn’t um, Bogo. It’s just shoes. Buy One, get one half off. So I need some shoes to walk around brands and in and I need some pants because I’ve only got one pair of pants and there.

I always wear them all week long. So have you seen my pants on a Friday? Um, I’ve probably been wearing them since Monday or even earlier. Hardly ever put them in the Washer, which is kind of disgusting. Right. So um, Laminate Flooring Tulsa breaking it Ozarka water. Um, it was Erica made in Texas, not made in the Ozarks. Talked about that in a previous podcast before anyone got their Christmas lights up. We got the Christmas lights in our house. I think after I get back from the Branson Thanksgiving vacation, I’ll make the kids and wife happy and put up some Christmas lights on the outside. I mean, it’s great for them. So you know, why not, it might not make it fun. So you’ve got a hobby town in the USA. You got a set of chiropractic places. You got a health fitness club here too, which used to be a restaurant.

Um, you got some car places, cell phone places you got, you know, shogun over there too. You got healthcare place, insurance place, you’ve got a wreath on the wall, Christmas wreath with a red bow on it, Laminate Flooring Tulsa and the sun is ski logos a mountain with a little Red Sun on it. Um, whatever else I’ll write to me. Um, we got a Volkswagen car and another dodge truck got into a car that I don’t even know. Pontiac, there’s the Mustang, there’s a BMW that I’m next to, which I kinda think it’s a cool car. If I had a car that I had to drive around in a car, I’d probably get a BMW just because a brother had one when I was a kid and thought it was the coolest thing ever. But you know, really a BMW is a pretty Dang awesome car. Somebody in this podcast. Thank you for listening. Laminate Flooring Tulsa.