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Welcome to episode number 11 and laminate flooring Tulsa. I have to have six turned in today. It’s been a pretty lazy week with all the laminate flooring, and Tulsa podcasts I’ve been doing, so I’m just gonna talk as I drive down to wood guys this morning, passing the Red Cross. Let’s talk about the red car. Well, I better not talk about the Red Cross and got too many opinions. Gave me $400. They gave Scott $400 for the flood. That’s amazing. Now they’re all about making money, but they help a little bit. So that’s something. Right? So they gave Scott $400 because he’s a flood victim down in Houston, Texas sent me some pictures. He works from home because he’s the flood victim and I don’t think he’ll ever have to go to work in his life. He can just sit around in his socks and underwear, walk around the house, and turned on his laptop once in a while and I don’t know if he wears headgear all day long just in case he has to answer the phone.

But wireless, there’s a wood guy, a billboard that’s actually what we call the floating billboard because it will just bounce around all over town, just land where it’s gonna land, but it’s only going to land in areas that we specified that we wanted it to land in. So we’ve picked about six or seven areas will, it will bounce around all the areas the next few years. Now on the other billboard is called a static. It doesn’t float around and stays there 100 percent of the time it’s got, it’s got extensions to where, uh, the billboard actually goes past the billboard, you know, we got our cartoon guys, mascots that are bigger than the bill, so they can’t be without around just because of that, but it’s right at the exit where our store returns and people will always say, oh, this is where I turned the guys right there.

Kinda like, uh, sometimes when you say y’all eat here right now and it has an arrow pointing to it, kind of the same idea. So billboards, let’s talk about billboards. Billboards usually cost around $2,000 a month per billboard. And we got to $2,000 a month. Yep. So we got a good deal on these billboards. We got two billboards. It was the Bogo. It was with Lamar is the first time to be with Lamar advertising. We got to billboards, had to sign a one-year contract, and then we can go on as long as we want to after that for $1,500. So two for 15. An amazing deal. So shout out to Lamar laminate flooring Tulsa for giving us a great deal on some billboards. It’s gonna. Be Nice to have some new traffic to the store. It seems like everywhere I go people always asked me about the new store. It’s in a high-visibility place. Much more visibility than where we are right now, which is great. Although our place isn’t too bad right now, we’re just on the other side of once one 69 or just a block east of 51st Domingo. So that’s where all the action is with carpet, tile, service injury industry industries, things like that.

Oh, we don’t want to talk about that. That’s something that should not be ever discussed. Laminate flooring in Tulsa, so security systems. We have been a looker, whether they’re thinking and some gardens. Yeah, you need a guy to man the gun the whole time though, if you’re going to have one of those. Security gives systems. We’re looking into the ring. We got everything packaged together and we’re thinking about installing our own security system because monitoring on the security system really did need it. I mean come on the ring, we’ll send you a notification and if there’s any movement when you have it armed anyway, so I mean you can call the cops this as well as somebody sitting in Nebraska. All the gaps for you. It’s only $10 a month if you have it monitored. You don’t have to have it monitored. If you don’t want to, you can just do it all yourself.

So laminate, flooring, and tell us a bit. Six cameras, a couple outside the rest, inside the motion detectors, some panels, some on the doors. That way you can be in the back of the warehouse or whatever and he heard the door chime right up to the front and help people laminate flooring Tulsa wouldn’t have to be going under these bridges when we hit the new store. It’s just a really great location. Happy with it. So right now I got the sun in my eyes and my sun visor doesn’t even help because it’s at the wrong angle. I’m too short for my mayor to block it, but I will sit up on the edge of my rear. When they ended the seat. This at-home place used to be called Garden Ridge. I don’t know if Garden Ridge went bankrupt like lowe’s is having some problems that we talked about in the last podcast, which I’m sure you truly enjoyed that we got at home.

Something I reference when I’m giving people directions to the store and they’re like, oh yeah, we know her garden ridge. Is that actually it’s at home. Just a block east and a love. We’re approaching would guys right now, and I’ve only got four and a half minutes to go, so I might as well finish up this podcast before I have to wrap it all up. Got to keep talking because word camp is the number count of the words, so you don’t want a lot of pauses when you’re talking. You just want to keep talking. You can talk about the grass, your can talk about trucks, cars, automobiles, you can talk about trees, bricks, metal jets, Brock’s bridges, and sewer systems. Mortgage company is even dumpsters. I mean you could just talk about pants. Let’s talk about pants. I am all the way out of pants Laminate Flooring Tulsa I need some new pants.

So hopefully today I can have a couple of minutes to sneak, sneak by and uh, get some pants by a couple of pants. I’ve never been a black Friday kind of guy. I don’t really. I would rather pay a little bit more money and not have to be crowded in the store with a bunch of people. Laminate Flooring Tulsa It’s all about. Yeah, when you are happy, when you are happy, you can afford pants. I’m not happy, but I can put, Laminate Flooring Tulsa I can put it on revolving credit and I can pay for my pants over the next 10 years. So that’s what I like to do. It is 34 will lead to a wall, so this morning it was 32 degrees. That’s technically freezing. I took the trash out and the trash is extremely full. It’s like three trash bags high over the norm. I think we’ve been having lots of parties.

This week was a busy Sunday, had a big Sunday dinner, lots of paper plates, and people overflowing toilets. People got to realize when they’re flushing the toilet that you have to do a courtesy flush after you drop it. After you drop the first load, you do courtesy, flush it here. It would guys laminate flooring in Tulsa. One of the things we talk to our crew about is if you use the toilet and you take a dumpy dump right after the dump happens, flush the toilet. We call that the courtesy flush. Then your toilet paper is the second flush that way, but toilet paper and the turd wrapped together don’t clog the toilet. This smell, this smell, Laminate Flooring Tulsa I get that out of there as fast as you can. So we invented the courtesy flush when we had a kid named Jason working with us back in 2001.

We were just working away in our own world and I had my earplugs in and I was hunched over. Sandra is going to town and I feel a tap an aggressive tap on my back. And I looked up and Jason had a frightened look and I took my earplug out. He said the toilet’s overflowing. He took a big deuce in there and didn’t do a courtesy flush and there was water all over the bathroom. Florida homeowners were home. So being the quick thinker, I am turned off the toilet. It’s the number one thing you do. Turn off the water supply. Then I yanked the Laminate Flooring Tulsa, the uh, air filter, and the dust bag out of the shop vac. And then I started second water and it was kind of gross because I knew that there was terror, touched the water, it was laminate flooring in Tulsa, cleaning up, cleaning up everything.

Luckily nothing got water damaged and they have to do anything. We did clean it up nice and courteous. We did tell the homeowner that it overflowed and we cleaned it up and know what’s cool here at laminate flooring Tulsa. We want to be honest and that way if the homeowner was to find out a different way, it would be embarrassing. So might as well the district talk about it right up front. So we did. Now we are at nine, nine minutes and 15 seconds. My second podcast to do a couple more podcasts today before a minute appointment with the marketing company. Thrive. 15, happy with their services, going to meet with them for an hour today. Bring Scott with us and um, it’s pretty boring to sit there but you know, at least something to do. They do have wifi there so Scott can probably check into work and do something important. We do like to drive around in trucks that would guys and laminate Valorian Tulsa drugs driving around town, seeing people checking on the guy’s jockey and material here and there. So at Laminate Flooring Tulsa, we appreciate your time on the podcast today. It’s been great. Good to take some of the trash out of my truck and go into the store and see what’s going on.