Laminate Flooring Tulsa. Hitting the nail on the head

Laminate Flooring Tulsa | Working with hard surfaces

Hey, this is steve with black guys and I want to thank you for joining me on my podcast. This is episode number four and laminate flooring Tulsa. So of course, as you’ve listened to my other podcast about laminate flooring Tulsa, I’m nowadays we just downplay I’m laminate flooring because it is going by the wayside as far as being used for a good flooring option, especially because of the, um, waterproof a would look flooring. Um, it has a great price and as I say, it’s waterproof laminate where it loses every time. I want to Brag a little bit about a, a, a line we call called the Neptune. It’s a rigid, solid core waterproof floor. You can install this in any interior room of the house, including areas that have direct sunlight, so you can install up to 6,000, 400 square feet without having any transitional moldings.

Now you’ll notice with laminate flooring, laminate flooring, Tulsa, that you can never go that far without a transition. And the reason why is because of this would look waterproof. Lauren does not expand and contract or laminate floors, a laminate flooring Tulsa. They do expand and contract, so if you don’t have that transition, I’m an applicant or her or the needed distance between the edge of a wall, you know it, it will expand and contract when humidity increases or decreases, it’s so easy to install. Um, you can go over most existing hard surfaces with no acclimation at all. So with all, all other types of laminate flooring and Tulsa engineered to solids, we have to bring that material in and let it acclimate. We have to do moisture checks and make sure that we’re installing the hardwood floor or laminate floor, laminate flooring, and Tulsa, uh, within the right moisture tolerances so it doesn’t misbehave.

And I’m a and have us be responsible for doing anything wrong per the manufacturer’s warranty to be valid. So you can go right out. You can, will order this material. It can be a hot day, it can be cold, ain’t going to be raining. Laminate Flooring Tulsa We can bring it right out to your home from our shop. Uh, we can install it, whether it be over a concrete slab, sometimes it can be going right over the top of the tile, we can go over an existing wood sub floor or um, you know, applications like that. This Neptune has a rigid, solid core. There’s no telegraphing of small sub Florian perfections. And what that means is if there is a problem in the subfloor saying your concrete slab or if there’s a nail head or some type of debris under the floor, you will see that evidence in this ridge core floor on the top.

So it’s not gonna you’re not gonna see the roles, um, if the slab wasn’t leveled correctly or if there’s some imperfection, what the concrete underneath your, you’re not going to see that as you do in sheet vinyl or something like that. This also has a pre-attached underlayment. Now I know a lot of laminate fluorine, Tulsa and laminate floors, uh, have a pre-attached underlayment and that’s nice just because you don’t have to spend money on a separate thing. Laminate Flooring Tulsa it’s just nice to have it all ready to go. Especially if you like to do it yourself and you’re a DIY guy or Gal, this pre-attached underlayment gives extra comfort, and an extra sound reduction. So this Neptune flooring, which I love to replace the idea of, you’re using laminate flooring and laminate flooring. Tulsa is, uh, they have, they have three different lines that are called the Neptune synergy, which is it alternating width.

So, um, the three widths I’m gear really give it, you know, more of a casual feel. So synergy has a standard. They’re very stable, they have very durable construction, they’re waterproof, they’re perfect for every room, they’re very rigid, they have a superior indentation, and resistance, they have no telegraphing of small, a sub floor imperfections, and it’s a floating installation is easy to install. Click system. And like I say again, up to 64,000 or sorry, 6,400 square feet. I’m sorry if Laminate Flooring Tulsa I said that before, but it’s 6,400 square feet without any moldings and it installs over most existing flooring. So it has multilayer courts enhanced urethane. Finished a year thing coding. So I’m that multilayer courts an enhancement, we’ll give this, I’m a lifetime residential warranty on was through, which is amazing. It has a deep structured decorative layer, it’s an extra-rigid plasticizer-free core and it’s the sound absorbing pad for indoor air quality.

It has a plus rating like all Neptune products and it has a green garden and it has been certified for low chemical emissions and also it’s called the Ortho family free for improved air quality. Now there are distributed by a lot of different distributors, but um, our district, our distributor and is really reliable that we use now. Um, let’s talk a little bit about the Neptune Max. It’s a 20-millimeter thick product. It’s been very popular and it has all the same uh, pros like we talked about and comes with a lifetime warranty but it’s a little bit thicker, but it only comes in one, one width. Um, the last is called the elite and the elite it a really pretty and it’s, Laminate Flooring Tulsa it’s our lowest price of the three. Um, you’re going to get a 25-year residential finish and it’s a 12-millimeter wear layer.

But it also has the, uh, the underlayment attached to it already, so it’s a, it’s a great way to go. And so, you know, you’re going to get this product for, you know, two and a half to $3 a square foot. And I know laminate, flooring, Tulsa and laminate floors, um, uh, in Tulsa are going to be, you know, sometimes the same price, maybe a little more, but a lot of times when you get them at big box stores, they’re just cheap. A lot of stores will use laminate flooring, Tulsa just to get you in there, Laminate Flooring Tulsa, for a deal and then try to upsell you on underlayments and glues and things like that. Things you don’t need and things that, um, you know, if you’re, if you’re to, to have laminate flooring to wholesale in your house and you live on it for a while, you know, you will find a day in my opinion, where you’re going to regret it just because it just does not perform like a waterproof floor.

Um, but some people have it in a and they don’t abuse it very well and it lasts pretty well. Now, um, I’ll talk just a little bit now about, um, they mix a limestone in the Neptune and, uh, which makes it a very dense, very heavy floor cleaning these products. People always ask about cleaners. So cleaning is, Laminate Flooring Tulsa, is really simple to do with these flowers. Um, you can run the vacuum over them. They need to be a filter or brush head, you know, you don’t want metal wheels or beat or bars or things that can scratch the floors once the debris is moved. Um, you know, you can also be used in a, uh, a mob, a microfiber, mop, a desk with a dust head on it. You can be using, just probably was gym floor style drive ops, uh, to sweep in and keep the debris off.

Now, as far as a cleaner or a cleaning agent, you really want to make sure you have a cleaner that’s Ph neutral. You don’t want a cleaner that will eat the finish off. You don’t want a cleaner that has any additives like, uh, some types of wax were oiled because what that does is it adds a buildup. Laminate Flooring Tulsa when you get a buildup on your floor, it can look cloudy or hazy. So, guys, we have our own cleaner and I would say if you had, you know, a good five, 600 square feet of flooring in your home and you always want to make sure that your microfiber pad that you’re mopping with is damp already. You don’t want to just use your cleaner as the wet agent. You want to get it damp and wring it out. Well in the new few, um, uh, sprays on an area you’re working maybe like a 10 by 10 area, may, maybe three or four sprays, so it uses it sparingly and a gallon of cleaner will last you all year.

So it’s, it’s inexpensive and you’re not going to get any of those buildups that you’ll see on a lot of stores, you know, they’re trying to sell you cleaner and they become loyalty cleaners because when you get that, that cleaner, it has a nice shine a that you buy at the bookstore and you think, wow, my laminate floors are clean, they’re shiny. And that’s a very deceitful laminate flooring. Tulsa, uh, if you use that type of flu cleaner with an oil or wax that makes it shiny, you have to keep using it because I know about a week it starts to look dull again and that the cleaner becomes loyal and then overtime it gets cloudy and then you have to buy some of their products that strip it off. So if you buy a wood guy, Ph neutral cleaner is great for even cleaning the existing laminate flooring, and Tulsa laminate floors you have. So I’d encourage you to come into our showroom, and check out this Neptune line that I’ve been bragging about. Check out the cleaner that I’ve talked about. We also have our own mop kids. Thank you for listening to my podcast, episode number four on laminate flooring. Tilson.