Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered wood is produced with three to nine layers of wood that are bonded together under heat and pressure, with the top layer being the actual flooring material. Engineered wood is less likely to be affected by changes in humidity and is the most stable hardwood flooring for most areas of your home.

American Pub Series (10)

American Relics (8)

American Valor Collection (7)

American Vintage (5)

Brick and Board Collection (7)

Canoe Bay Collection (14)

Casa (9)

Chalet Collection (6)

Cottage Creek (4)

Hallmark Alta Vista Collection (9)

Hallmark Chaparral Collection (9)

Hallmark Heirloom Collection (9)


Wood Guys believes that anyone can install a hardwood floor. We offer "How To” videos and have professional installers available to talk you through any tricky steps. With Wood Guys help, you can have a beautiful wood floor at a great price.

Builders and Remodelers

You already have the know-how. Now you can have the peace of mind that you can get quality flooring at pricing you know will fit your budget.Everyone deserves beautiful hardwood flooring. Everyone deserves quality at a great price.

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