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Hi, this is David with wood flooring and the wood guys. This is episode one of Fayetteville Wood flooring. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about what we do at a Fayetteville wood flooring and the wood guys. Our processes, our, uh, our sales process, our installation or sandy process are, are different than most to today. Like I said, we’d like to explain a little bit about that here at the Fayetteville wood flooring. We like to educate our customers before any work is done. So we take pride in making sure that the job site is evaluated properly ended, if there’s any concerns or questions that those are brought up before the project begins. Sometime we’ll see a potential problem that might be even outside of the home, which could be a factor in installing a new hardwood floor or a laminate or an engineer. Sometimes the drainage around the house, if it’s a improper for drainage, is toward the house that could create a, uh, upon like a effect underneath the house, which in turn could that affect the wood going from underneath.

So evaluating the project is critical in not only our standards, but the national wood flooring association students also, so at Fayetteville wood flooring, we do a proper evaluation of the home, both interior and exterior. We’ll discuss that with the homeowner. It makes sure that there are potential problems of our product and our resolved before Freud enters into the residence project also affect bellwood quarry. After we do an assessment, we’ll also check moisture readings, humidity levels. If you’re on a conference, concrete slab, we will take a moisture test that slap first to just be a primarily just scanning the surface which a moisture meter Jews, they read anywhere from a quarter inch down into the concrete to three quarters inch down into the concrete. If that test shows us a high level of moisture, then we can do what’s called the rh test or calcium chloride test. So I pay a bill wood flooring.

We want to make sure that the slab is checked properly. The moisture content of that slab is checked properly. Also book flooring, if you’re on a crawl space or a basement, we want to check the support and sometimes even wanted to check and underneath the house and make sure that there’s proper drainage ventilation, Fayetteville wood flooring if it’s a crawl space that even if there’s a the proper barriers underneath the house, so we’re trying to eliminate any potential problems that could happen with the homeowner so that everybody has a piece of mine also here in Fayetteville, wood flooring. After all the necessary tests are done, we like to enter the residence or project and discuss the different types of points that are a possibility. If there’s no void existed in the house, we could suggest the products that might work better for the situation that you’re in. For example, if you’re doing a solid hardwood floor from Fayetteville, wood flooring, there’s certain areas of the House that that that would force should not be, for example, Fayetteville wood flooring the solid wood for should not be placed in a basement, not just because the water level or the ground level is higher than the wood floor, which could and most of the time does result in moisture related issues.

With that floor causing it to come for buckle or perform out of its normal characteristics. So tell us that a big bill wood flooring, we want to make sure that the correct product is put in the, uh, in the residents or the project. So taking a Gig, great pride in, uh, in our methods are processed here in Fayetteville, wood flooring. What makes sure that everything is covered now, whether you’re doing a, uh, an engineered floor or a solid wood floor, there are a lot of options available to you. If you were to visit our showroom in Springdale, have wood guys and uh, Tulsa. We also, you know, we have a lot of, a lot of different products available and some, we don’t even have a in the show. There’s just so many available to us out of Fayetteville, wood flooring. You can be at ease that you, you’ll have a great selection of products available to you Fayetteville wood flooring.

Another great, great advantage of May feel would again the process of how it’s done. So like, like I was saying earlier, if there is a problem, we have the ability and the to make sure that the flooring is installed correctly. We’ll talk about this in a, in a, in a later podcast, but if we’re gluing down and the engineering floor, we want to make sure that the proper sealers and blues are used to make sure that, uh, no moisture comes through that slab and interest into the product. So again, we will educate the customer, are you on, on different things that are available to you for protecting your wood floor after the project is done. We want to make sure here at Fayetteville wood flooring that you know, half of what needs to be cared for. So we’ll educate on humidity in your home, not proper cleaning of the other wood floor at Fayetteville, wood floors.

It’s, it’s important to us that we have a happy customer and the hand fan built wood floors, takes pride in a word of mouth and you know, we’d prefer to do business that way here at, uh, at Fayetteville worse. So it’s a, it’s a great place to look at in wood floors and like guys, you can be assured that what we do will be acceptable to not only the manufacturer of the wood floor that you to that also the national wood flooring association. So again, fan belt would force a great place to look to be educated in 10 percent better things that are happening in the market. So if you have any questions, uh, for Fayetteville wood flooring please be sure to call the wood guys. Again, we’re a, we’re here to help. We’re here to educate. We want to you to enjoy your book for, for as long as you live in the house and whoever his house. So tech south and bill wood floors and put guys, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again for all the listing. They have a wood floors and the wind windows.