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Hi, welcome to episode three of the fan belt. What flooring? Today we’d like to talk a little bit about engineered floors, how they’re designed and uh, you know, the purpose behind them and have a kind of function in relation to a moisture content and humidity versus a solid hardwood flooring. So engineered floors, they’re, they’re not a new product on the market, but they have done a lot of improvement over the past five, 10, 15 years, I’d say more of an improvement over the past five to seven years. And they’ve come a long ways. So here at had a favorite wood flooring. We kind of think of it this way. There’s really two types of the engineered flooring. Fayetteville wood flooring One is prefinished where the, uh, the color or the stain is on the board along with a, uh, a protective coding, whether it’s a urethane or aluminum oxide or a hard wax or something of that type.

And then there’s the, uh, I’d finished engineered flooring where there’s a, there’s no finish, no state apply. That type of floor is sanded and stained and finished on site. So first off, I’d like to talk about just the unfinished, the engineered flooring, it really, it applies to both of them. So engineered floor, what that means to you, and to me at a faint bell wood flooring is you’ve got layers of plywood that are laid at a 90 degree angle to each other with a veneer of hardwood on top. Now there are other systems out there, a system of what we call the Philips system, but the majority of the engineered floors out there on the market and here at Fei, Bill Wood flooring are going to be what they call a cross apply plywood, some made of Birch and different, different types of cloud products as the base.

But what that does to the, uh, to the floors that gives it more stability. So when you’ve got layers of plywood late nine degree angle to each other and moisture is either introduced more taken away in that, that uh, that kind of reacts against itself kind of pushes and pulls against itself. Is, is more likely to stay in place. So in Fayetteville, what Florida we we are all going to stop the best types of engineered flooring. The more layers apply what that you have or or backing or base, whatever you want to call it, the more stable that product is going to be. Now the wood veneer on top can vary. Invictus, most veneers are going to vary between a one point five mil and a five mil. So think of it this way. If, if you’ve got a one point $5 mil layer or veneer layer on top of a board, it’s going to be more susceptible to heavy objects.

Did it than say a thicker one. So at Fayetteville wood flooring, we’d like to show and educate the customers about this type of veneer on top. Now of course on the thinner veneers, those are ones that don’t really. You don’t ever want to sand because you can stand right through. Whereas the thicker veneers that which you could see at Fayetteville wood flooring, you can sand those. So our opinion or my opinion, but kind of a personal opinion, is that you are purchasing a, an engineer for, for the stability. And other, there’s other reasons also, but that’s one of the main reasons is just for the stability of the product now, but they’re not finished engineered floor. That’s one that it can be glued down to a concrete slab. It can be nailed on top of a ply wood sub floor. It can be floated at times.

So there’s different methods of installation in both. Those are all those methods of installation. We’re going to apply to both the, an unfinished and a prefinished floor, which I’ll talk about here in a minute. But at Fayetteville wood flooring, we’re going to offer all those in the health education. Which one might be best for your, uh, your project. So they have built wood. Flooring is a company that really likes to educate. So unfinished engineered floor, we’re able to customize to your studies. Are you able to get a stain color that you could choose whether it’d be a light color, medium color, dark color, gray color? It doesn’t matter. That’s up to the contractor here in Tulsa. I’m sorry, Fayetteville wood flooring. We’ve, we can mix and match anything that you need.

So the prefinished approximately unfinished engineered floors are very easy to customize. Now, let’s talk about some of the prefinished floors here at mill woods. A prefinished is a, uh, a product that have, like I said before, it has been around for a while, but the last five to 10 years, five to seven years has really made some big improvements in the quality of the look. I’m also in the stability of the product. And then really importantly, the finish on the product and has gotten a lot better over time. So most of the prefinished engineered floors are going to have what they call a, an aluminum oxide, a finish on them, or a UV cured your thing, which gives it a exceptional durability and a deaf Fayetteville wood flooring have. Again, we’re, we’re out there looking for the best products. We don’t want to take product that can go in and uh, you know, be used up in three to five years.

That’s really not the market here in Fayetteville. Wood flooring, we want something that’s gonna last and look good for the customer. So a pre finished wood floor is great for somebody who, who just, you know, once, uh, once a color, there’s a wide variety of colors to choose colors from a, for the prefinished lines, but they want that strong, durable finish. They’re also looking for something where there’s not going to be any dust in their house, so there’s no sanding a required on these applications as far as installation. Again, here at that Fayetteville wood flooring, you can glue them down to a slab, you can nail them to apply with some floor or you can float them over a slab or apply with some floor. So a different methods of installation here at Fayetteville, wood flooring, we do all of those methods were very familiar with them, how to best do them.

So a Fayetteville wood flooring get a lot of choices, colors, a different, uh, different types of prefinished point. But like I was saying, there’s, there’s no real smells that you have to deal with as far as the finishes and the stains. The glue that we use here in favor wood flooring is a nontoxic. Most of the time, depending on the customer, will use a glue that has a, a, a, 100 percent, 100 percent vapor barrier protection, so you don’t have to worry about moisture coming through the slab or, you know, coming up through the wood because it’s going to be taken care of. And that’s something we take pride in here at failure. Wood flooring is making sure that the job is done correctly and that there won’t be any problems in the future. So again, if you’re looking for a prefinished engineered or unfinished

engineered flooring at Fayetteville, wood flooring is the place to look. Again, favor wood flooring. We, uh, we know the stuff we’d like to educate would like to help people make the best choice for their flooring needs. So again, look us up a fair bill wood flooring would guys, uh, we can, uh, we can help you any way that you need. Thanks again for listening.