Laminate Flooring Tulsa | Higher Traffic Areas

Hey, this is steve with wood guys and I’d like to welcome you to listen to my final podcast today. It’s going to be on laminate flooring Tulsa, and this is episode number five. So along with the lines of laminate flooring and the laminate flooring Tulsa, I would just like to go through a little bit of the history. Um, some information about laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is also called the floating wood tile in the United States. It started out, it’s just a multilayer synthetic product, uh, with the lamination process is, simulates wood, or sometimes it’s a, uh, can simulate tile, but it has a photographic applicant, I think it’s called an APP leak, a layer under a clear coat. Protective. The intercore is usually composed of a, a, a melamine resin or a fiberboard. Um, there is also a standard, uh, for the European, you know, with their requirements of laminate flooring and laminate flooring, Tulsa.

So laminate flooring has grown significantly popular, you know, um, just because of, it’s a good alternative carpet in. It’s a very inexpensive alternative carpet and it has some advantages of costing less and requires less skill to install. Then alternate flooring and is reasonably durable, it’s hygienic, and there’s several brands that have a antimicrobial resins, um, and it’s pretty easy to maintain. So, um, let’s see, on the installation of laminate floor and Laminate Flooring Tulsa um, it’s going to be packaged with a number of tongue and groove planks. It can be clicked together and sometimes as a glue backing, uh, just for the ease of installation, these laminate floors, they float over his subfloors. Um, so when you search for laminate flooring tells you, you’ll get a lot of things pop up, you know, with closeout sales and really catered to the diy, a small one to 10 millimeter.

A gap is usually required between the fluorine in any immovable objects such as the walls. And so that allows the flooring to expand without being obstructed. So the baseboards, sometimes they’re called skirt boards can be removed and then reinstalled after the fluoride. I know I’ve seen a lot of people had to leave their base boards on and they’ll put a base shoe molding just to make it a lot easier. So the care for Laminate Flooring Tulsa it’s important to keep the dust and keep it clean and the dirt off of it. Um, especially in the higher traffic areas, you don’t want sitting moisture to be on it. I know sometimes people will have a, a match or something. I’m going down the hallways or in their kitchen and if those get wet, it’ll hold that moisture in it. Content Warp, you know, any of the laminate flooring.

Now as you know it, it would guys we stopped carrying Laminate Flooring Tulsa is because its popularity has gone away and it just does not perform as well as the wood look. Vinyl planks that, um, that we tend to educate people about just because it’s a floor you’re not going to regret with that wood look. Vinyl plank. Um, so in the North America, in North America, a laminate flooring association, you know, the acronym would be in, in a l, F A, m, they’ve had some standards. They want to make sure that the static load, something that measures the ability of a laminate floor, a laminate flooring, Tulsa to resist the residential indentations resulting from a static load, a thickness swell, which measures the ability of laminate flooring to resist any increases in thickness after being exposed to water, you know, so they, um, every floor has a moisture content. Every home has humidity levels, uh, so they want that thickness swell to be in a certain tolerance.

I know with wood flooring is typically a, depending on, you know, where you are and what you’re using between 30 to 50 or 30 to 55 percent relative humidity in the home, as is ideal, a light resistance. So they measure that ability of, of laminate floors a laminate floor, he tells it to retain its color when it’s exposed to light. So I’m that way, if you’re through window glass or anything, you know, it doesn’t fade out where it has the ability to resist some of the fading, a nothing this fade proof. So it’s clean ability. And then also the stain resistant. Those are measured, uh, with this, uh, national northern laminate flooring association, uh, with, you know, a Laminate Flooring Tulsa um, it measures the ease of cleanability and stain resistance, you know, I don’t know if they were dropping wine on it or what they’re doing.

Uh, a nail Polish, things like that, which tend to stain floors. It’s a large ball resistance. They call it measures the ability of Laminin, Florida resist a fracture due to the, like the impact of a larger ball. So I know part of the Jenkins scale is they’ll hold the ball a metal ball six feet high off the floor and they’ll drop it and measure the indentation. So also the water resistance is measured dimension tolerances, um, you know, in the surface bond, they want to make sure that it doesn’t split away or anything like that. It does have a lead status, you know, a Laminate Flooring Tulsa is made of a melamine resin or resonance and it has a compound with Formaldehyde, a, it’s a tightly bonded melamine, formaldehyde or mf, um, then in the urea formaldehyde, so it reduces admissions and its potential laminated flooring, you know, it was called usually commonly used in the lead resistance for any type of residential or commercial knees or applications.

Did you know that the laminate flooring, it was invented in 1977 by a Swedish company. They, uh, the company was called priests and it was sold under the brand name Pergo, which everyone’s very familiar with and a lot of times people don’t even know what’s called laminate. They’ll call the Perrigo. Um, right now I have Mr. walking into my podcast. Mr Has a long history of doing wood floors and she, uh, has been exposed to Laminate Flooring Tulsa quite a bit and I want Ms Dot, if she would just take amended Shay to expand on laminate flooring. What she’s seen in its, in its rise to the market here since it was invented. And in Sweden in 1977 and what she’s seen with his popularity and also the decrease, the decrease of popularity. Here’s misty. I’m going home now. Oh, ms dot. She’s uh, she’s been a salesman and uh, she knows everything about wood flooring. I’m better than most horrible for professional. Misty, in your opinion, what do you think about laminate flooring versus the other types of wood flooring that sold and would guys.

Well, I think that laminate flooring, I’m definitely has its place in the market, however, it’s a little persnickety. It does not like moisture. And so that can be a major concern, especially in our climate where we have a lot of humidity and temperature extremes. So it’s not the ideal flooring option. There are better options on the market for moisture and humidity controls such as vital and engineered wood.

Thank you. Misty. Misty on the spot there. She walked into my middle of my podcast and we’re very proud of her here. Would guys, um, so when you’re searching for wood flooring or laminate flooring in Tulsa, keep in mind that would guys, we are the hardwood flooring professionals and that when you come in here, we probably will talk you out of laminate and not because of we just want to sell you something else, but because of the education we provide, we’re going to show you a material that you’re going to put in your house and six months later you’re going to be sitting on your Sofa and you’re going to be happy. Laminate Flooring Tulsa You’re not going to regret your decision on going with a cheaper for that you could’ve got a better deal on, but you’re still going to get a floor that is a very competitively priced and this is going to perform. And when your dog’s a lion next to your feet and slobbering all over the floor, you’re just not going to care. Or if you’re watching the super bowl and a beer spills, it’s not going to matter. If you use some type of a waterproof would look for versus the a laminate floors and laminate flooring. Tulsa that have been so popular in the past with starting with that first Swedish company. Um, I’ll finish up a thank you misty. Thanks for dropping in the podcast and I’ll finish with a few more facts.

Did you know that, uh, some of the other, a glueless fluorines are there also were, were made by a Swedish companies. I could not pronounce the names for you if I had to, but they were sold on it or some of the names of Allah and 5:00. I’m from a Belgium, Germany, you know, companies like that to companies have been in a great number of illegal conflicts over the years. And today, most, if not all glueless locking flooring is made under a license, uh, from the leading unison or combination of both. There’s such strict measures of the tolerances now because of the deaths required, uh, the, Laminate Flooring Tulsa this, that had been caused by some of the formaldehyde emissions. So I encourage you to do your research. Look at laminate flooring, look at the pros and cons. Come visit his wood guys, because really we were really do want you to have the best a wood floor experience or would look waterproof floor experiences you could possibly have something that you won’t regret because you’ve been educated and you know about every type of floor and you can make that decision on your own without any pushy sales tactic or something like that.

So that will conclude all my, a podcast on laminate floors, Laminate Flooring Tulsa Thank you for your time. And, uh, listening to these podcasts. Again.