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Hey, this is steve with episode 10 of laminate flooring Tulsa, so it was a good surprise this morning with laminate flooring in Tulsa. Woke up, got ready, hopped in the truck because a cold morning, have the seat heaters and warming up. Even before I got in while I was brushing my teeth, had the truck turned on, was nice, got the remote start, so I got the truck and went to Kwik trip was in the middle of selecting my breakfast while brother-in-law Scott from Texas was at my house and he said, what up? I said, you gone? He gone. I said, just a quick trip, you won’t come. And he’s like, yes, I’m a guy. And so now we’re driving down to work just passing the liquid store and Brom got a hot but I like a hot, but when I’m driving laminate flooring, Tulsa. So I heard some weird news yesterday that Lowe’s is in financial trouble and his closing all the stores in Canada and a lot of stores around here.

I prefer Lowe’s over home depot. Scott, what do you think? I agree with you. Those as much more organized and clean. Now I do think I get more help from home depot though, but I know everything so it ain’t like I need help. I didn’t need the product at Volta. Laminate flooring or whatever you call it. That’s it. That’s right. Laminate flooring entails. I think that Lowe’s is much more organized, but there’s things I can get a home depot that I can’t get those. What I’d like to get at home depot is felt pads for the bottom of my chairs and I also don’t have any. They haven’t been not as nice. They have the ones that sit around the barstools so they can never fall off. Laminate Flooring Tulsa Kinda like a little cup and then they also had to look. Look at my barstool third grade who has a home depot. Home Depot has them.

Yeah. They sit in like a cup and then the legs sit right inside of them. They’re always sliding off. And what a pain in the body and also they have these circle ones with a metal thing in the middle. Not really a nail, but you tap them up into the bottom of your wooden chair legs and they never come off, so you’ll get a good years use out of it without a member of slipping. So laminate flooring tells them you never want to damage your wood floors because then when are you going to do, you’re going to get caught, you’re going to call would guys to come out, try to fix them with the $650 minimum charge. So you would rather laminate flooring. Dell said, Nah, go through that hassle. That’s my minimum. Laminate Flooring Tulsa If I’m going to send anyone out to your house and the reason it’s 6:50, you say that’s a lot of money, but listen to this.

I gotta drive all the way out to your house for an assessment. You’ve got to see what the problem is. I got to see how it’s got to be fixed. I have to schedule a crew to come out to the house to fix. The problem. Usually involves three coats of finish. So day number one, they’re going to come out sand it and get it already and get it stained and then they have to take two more trips to come out with coats of polyurethane. So there’s three trips total plus my estimate. That’s four. So $650 is really a great value. We’re just trying to help people out. But they have their like 6:50. What the heck? And it was like Dad’s rat laminate flooring and tell us, uh, so waso probably has the worst. Why a gym area in history have all ymcas. It’s pretty gross.

And I’m driving down one 69 in the morning is a good ride this morning sometimes it’s so bad right here that you can barely get in, but I bet it’s because of the holidays and everyone not working like my brother in law, he just brought his laptop in the truck and said God do log in. Wow. Well, and he may work. Ain’t locked, filled up or working today. Take some time off. Is going to do sales when the family’s in town. Me. So laminate flooring, Tulsa, driving down one 69. And uh, hey, we got a couple of new billboards. Have none on, well they are both on one 69, but we did not do an a Wasu reach this time we’re doing Tulsa, reaches right buyer exits. I’m a new showroom, going to get some materials over to the new show. So I got a guy that wants to work over the Thanksgiving holiday, got get stuff delivered for him so he can stay busy and help get our showroom moving along. Or to be in that in December 15 to laminate flooring Tulsa.

Just going to be great, but more space. Very pretty paint colors of cool. We’re going to have the largest selection of fluorine in Tulsa, which we already do. Laminate flooring entails, but you know what? You’re not going to see in laminate flooring in Tulsa. What guys? You’re not going to see laminate flooring. What the heck? The reason why we don’t sell laminate flooring is because it’s junk. No matter how you look at it, it’s junk. But I will say it’s always better than carpet. So compared to any other wood floor or any other would look floor, it’s always the worst Florida. Yep. If you need a good deal, you need a good do it yourself or product that won’t break the Bagel. We have wood look or waterproof flooring that is a multiple layer of, I’m going to say pvc core that sometime it has a limestone mix that makes it very rigid, has a pad underneath it, and then a vinyl top that has the impression of wood grain and look very pretty.

A lot of it has a lifetime warranty that you’ll never wear through the clear coat. So it’s a great deal. Permanent floor, waterproof. Laminate Flooring Tulsa So I think it’s just a no brainer from a flood, waterproof from anything. It can be down in Houston and have that big a flood. That is true. Scott would’ve saved a lot of money. We would have put a wood look, waterproof floor. Next time this house floods, maybe he’ll think about it, but until then it’s all good. Laminate flooring. Tulsa. How much time do we got left on this blog? Where at seven minutes I got three more minutes to go. It looks like there’s a lot of helicopters at the, uh, national guard your day. I’m going to just pass him by the Air National Guard. Take around one 69. A lot of helicopters out there. I wonder what they do because there’s no guns on them. What does the helicopter do? Evaced got no guns on it. What, what, what does the helicopter do? If there’s no guns on it and flies around and it looks for a,

you illegal. That’s what it does. It looks for illegal. That goes down to calls it in. And then the ice ice baby comes in at flooring Tulsa or is it just for laminate flooring? Tulsa? Yeah. So I used to fly helicopters back in the day as a pilot, as in the back in Nam, Laminate Flooring Tulsa you know, that they did as a man, man, I lost my memory so I can’t tell you much about it. Plus I was posted. So I really never fluid helicopters. Now I think about it and uh, I’ve never named because I was born 1971 and not a lot. I don’t even know her name was now. See? Totally. I’m not supposed to talk about it. There’s some nice looking billboards up here because when you flat think safety, that’s right. It’s like grabbing things. Safety to vanity thing. You gotta be safe no matter what you do in life, if not for his accident, but if you’re not thinking safe is not really an accident. You did it on purpose at laminate flooring. Tulsa.

All right, well we have a whopping eight minutes and 43 seconds so we add another minute and a half. We can talk about anything you want to talk about them. So we might be heading over to Branson little later, a little later being 30 hours because, uh, no need to get there early because can’t check in. Although we could get there early and just drive around. It was a little sad. Can maybe go down, pick up some Mandy’s custard, get the Jackhammer, can’t go wrong with little, a little fudge Jack Hammer right there. You pound it in. It’s pretty good. I like a little carnival as well. It’s delicious. Little whipped cream on top. That’s be good at laminate flooring. Tulsa. Speaking of Tulsa, I think there’s oral Roberts University, big gold building here. I don’t even know for Robert’s. Still Laugh. They still allow. You should know that he’s seeing and being from a Waso, especially if you’re going to advertise a laminate flooring Tulsa. And with that we have another 20 seconds so we’re going to sign off in about 20 seconds. I’ll pass it off to the host here.

Hosting the show with Steve. Come with you thinking about donuts this morning, looking at a billboard that has a donut on it. So accountants are good down to have sprinkles, but I just prefer a doughnut with a little bit of chocolate on the top. It’s pretty great. Love a thick, heavy ice and just a little bit, you know, just enough donut. So uh, laminate floor and tell. So thanks for listening to the podcast. This has been great. Got a few more to do today so I can get this turned in because we want to be ranked number one laminate flooring in Tulsa in Tulsa.