Laminate Flooring Tulsa | Seeing Lots Of Options

Hi there, this is steve with wood guys, hardwood flooring here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Like to thank you for listening into my podcast on laminate flooring Tulsa. This is episode number three and I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m laminate flooring Tulsa. Uh, you’ll see the trend for laminate has really gone down with the better options of lower priced engineered flooring and also with the wood look waterproof flooring that’s available now. We would love for you to come into our show room actually in our showroom. We have fulfilled our five year lease and we are moving to a new building with a lot more room. We’re going to triple our show room size. We’re going to have a lot more displays. They’re a lot more products on the floor where you can come in and get more education about the different types of flora and see a lot more options.

A lot of the more cutting edge, um, floors that are being used with better finishes, a better uv protection, scratch resistant versus laminate flooring, Tulsa that used to be so popular at our store. Not only will you see all these different types of wood look vinyl flooring to engineered to a prefinished solids to unfinished Harvard floor room where we can do hand scrapes and onsite finishing. Um, you’ll see educational boards. We have a plan to have a video feed going where you can see us as that work in action, see our, our crew, our crew leaders and teammates, um, uh, on the job site and interacting with customers. And you can see kind of inexperienced what you’ll get with wood guys. Um, when you come into our showroom, we used to have displays here with a laminate flooring, Tulsa, uh, different types of laminate hardwood floors, uh, or Laminate Flooring Tulsa a better not to call them a laminate hardwood floor because they’re not there.

One hundred percent man made material, you’ll know that they’re made out of, um, you know, some type of a dance board. I’m like, that’s pressed together. Um, they have usually a higher formaldehyde content. I know there’s been problems in the past with formaldehyde worries, um, because of one of the leading retailers have laminate floors. And especially there’s a, there are companies even in laminate flooring, Tulsa that have sold that and had the scare where people were getting sick, especially children because the formaldehyde tends to be a heavy fume and sits low on the floor and children or pets were getting sick and even deaths have occurred because of a really high formaldehyde emissions. Now everything has a from out of the Haida emission, even an apple. But, um, it’s, it’s a natural thing, but when it’s done the wrong way, it can be very harmful. So, um, people have been, I’m really concerned, we’ll get people that will come into our showroom and because they want to know more about, um, laminate flooring, Tulsa and we will show them different options that will always work better than a laminate floor that you would find with laminate flooring.

Tulsa. So, um, today I’m going to talk a little bit about, um, a great alternative to a laminate flooring. Tulsa. I want to talk about, um, what I’m going to call engineered, but I’m, uh, I’m going to say great value engineered flooring. And so it will start in a three eights inch thick. I’m a product so the links will average from, you know, one foot to seven feet long depending on the manufacturer. And this is just such a great alternative to laminate flooring and Laminate Flooring Tulsa. So what you’ll get with a three eighths engineered floor is typically most of the manufacturers will give you a 25 year where three warranty on the clear coat and they go up to 50 and sometime even up to lifetime, but the structure is always going to be lifetime on any of our engineered floors, which is such a better alternative than laminate flooring and laminate flooring in Tulsa.

So, um, what an engineered floor is, it’s 100 percent hardwood, but they’re layers of hardwood. So you might have between five and up layers of engineered hardwood that are pressed together. It makes it very dense and makes a very sturdy. The top layer is what you’ll actually see finished textured and give it the character of the different species wood. So we see, we see engineered flooring, which again is always the better alternative versus laminate flooring. Tulsa, I’m, because I’m almost saying we see it in the different species, which is, you know, really calm and you’ll see birch hickory oak, whether it be red oak or wide open, some exotics like Acacia, you’ll see a lot of country feel to it where they’re going to have varying widths. I, I’m, the gray colors are very popular right now. And um, we got a lot of those, you know, sometimes they’ll call them, Laminate Flooring Tulsa you know, with colors of center centre or smoke house or a silver charm, which is an incredible flora.

Has kind of a brown undertone. The anchor gray we have as popular and the Hickory rustic iron, all are really neat products. Now, one of our bestselling line is that a ponderosa line that’s the three eighths inch thick engineered hardwood floor, which is my favorite alternative to Laminate Flooring Tulsa, the ponderosas made by a company called real wood floors and they have a five inch wide hand scrape. Plank is three eighths of an inch thick and I’m going to count the layers. So the substrate has one, two, three, four, five, six layers. And then the top layer, which is the seventh, is the species of what the finished now real wood floors in this ponderosa collection. They both that it is beauty plus Braun. It’s has easy clean urethane finish. It’s the durable aluminum aluminum oxide, alumina oxide, aluminum oxide. I have a hard time with that sometimes infused urethane.

It has a satin Matte Sheen, has a 25 year residential warranty. It’s genuine hand scrape texture and it has hand Chisel bevels now I have to or this factory and it’s such a better option than laminate flooring in Tulsa. And in the factory I actually saw the workers taking the unfinished boards and they were in all instax all around them and they would actually hand scrape to give it to human touch because when, uh, when floors are scraped by machines, Laminate Flooring Tulsa they always have a consistent pattern. They look like they’ve been machine worked but not with this real wood floor ponderosa collection. It’s beautiful. And since it is 100 percent human touched with the hand scraping, you get a very natural, great looking and hand scrape floor. It says go long. It has variable links up to six feet long, which exceeds the industry standard, which I believe is a four foot.

It’s a five inch extra wide plank in as well. Build is three eighths thick profile. It has a one point five millimeter hardwood veneer and it’s the highest caliber precision milling. So when you see something like this, um, let’s say I have a Hickory, it’s retailing for $2 and ninety nine cents a square foot, and then in the Burj resales for two 89 a square foot. But these handcrafted wide wait plank floors are such a better option than a laminate flooring Tulsa, you know, when you have laminate flooring, Tulsa versus one of these real wood floors, three eights, uh, products, uh, the Ponderosa collection brings timeless beauty and advantages of hardwood flooring into your home. So it features long lasting factory stain with a matte finish, has a great selection of colors and wide planks and are generally scraped by hand and crafted with the highest precision.

This product, it really adds warmth. It’s a durable and they has a distinction for your home with this real wood floor. Now they do have trim options. There are 78 inches long a t moldings, so t moldings will go between your tile to the flooring itself. There’s reducers, so sometimes we’ll Luna. Laminate Flooring Tulsa It’s a stapled down application. You’ll need to reduce search or reduced to the height of either the carpet or tile that we’re meeting with. There are thresholds, sometimes thresholds are needed to meet up to carpet. We usually don’t like to sell the threshold mode moldings because after we’re done, we’ll have a carpet guy come out, stretch new cart, the carpet up to your new floor and have it finished out without spending the money on that threshold. Um, but definitely Timo moldings and reducers are a must. And then stair nosing, of course, if you want to have us put this flooring on your stairs than we can do that. If it drops, drops down into a living room. This rounded nose, I’m really finishes it out so you don’t have any square edges. So that’s a little bit of bragging on the real wood floor at Ponderosa collection. Um, we’ll leave the podcast there today. Sure. Appreciate you listening about the advantages of everything else versus the laminate flooring. Tulsa. Thank you.